5 Morning Routines That Causes Weight Gain

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There are times that you are gaining weight despite the fact that you are working out and having a diet. Unknowingly, you obtain extra pound due to your morning routines.


Meow Gag has gathered five morning habits you should stop to avid weight gain.


1. Sleeping too much



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Inadequate hours of sleep cause your body to produce the stress-response hormone cortisol which increases your appetite. But then, oversleeping might not do any good to you as sleeping more than 10 hours a night can cause you to have a higher body mass index. This is the reason why doctors suggest having 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day.


2. Getting in the dark



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As soon as you wake up, open your blinds or curtains. A study has revealed that blue light waves from the early morning sun boost your metabolism and it also helps your body to wake up. Even 20 to 30 minutes of sunshine is adequate to affect your body mass index.


3. Not making the bed




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A recent study has found out that people who make their beds also sleep well. Having healthy sleep is the ideal way toward a healthy weight, so being deprived of it causes weight gain.


4. Forgetting to weigh yourself



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Researchers from Cornell University have found out that weighing every day is a successful technique that inspires a person to lose weight. The best time to weigh is in the morning before eating or drinking anything.


5. Eating too little breakfast



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A balanced breakfast that is comprised of 600 calories of lean protein, carbohydrates and some dessert will help you to follow your daily diet plan.


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