What Type of Confidence Do You Have?

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We at Meow Gag created this test to determine what kind of confidence do you carry by just choosing among the three poses. Choose the pose that you think is the most comfortable (no matter left or right handed).







If you choose:



Pose no. 1

You have the confidence of a mentor!

The way you hold your wrist indicates that you have major confidence in situations where you are one on one with someone. You are more talented in leading small groups rather than large. You like that you can feel heard and others can have their opinions validated too.


You want to solve problems and help as many people as possible. It wouldn't surprise us if you were a mentor or highly admired by a group of people.



Pose no. 2

You have a friendly confidence!

The way you hold your hand indicates that you enjoy relationships and work colleagues that offer mutual respect. You know that relationships are a two-way street, and don't have time for those who don't give back what they receive.


You cannot tolerate others that are awkward or uncomfortable around you. You would rather be with people who don’t sugar coat things, and tell you what they're thinking instead of beating around the bush. It frustrates you greatly when people make excuses and lie to your face.


This is a common confidence trait that is seen in millionaires and people who hold powerful roles.  



Pose no. 3

You have a charismatic confidence.

The way you hold your arm behind your back indicates that you are a charismatic leader that oozes a unique confidence that's distinct to anyone else. You have no desire to talk down to people or feel jealousy towards others.


You know that there are obstacles in life always, so why not help others so they can help you? People admire you for your kindness, generosity, and love you show to those in need.


With you, the road to success does not seem far!


This is a common confidence trait that major CEO's have like Steve Jobs.



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