Which Face Have You Seen First? A Man or A Woman?

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Which Face Have You Seen First? A Man or A Woman?


This test from Meow Gag will tell you the changes in your future and something about your personality. All you have to do is to discern which face you saw first; is it the man or woman’s face?






If you saw the woman first: 

It means that you’re going to have a run of good luck very soon. Joyful predictions and professional achievements are in store for you.


You’re best described as an optimistic and curious person. You can be impulsive and you often act based on imprudent decisions. Additionally, you enjoy helping others and you love doing volunteer works.  You’re strong and determined, and you don't surrender in any hindrance blocking your way.


It is advised for you to listen to feedback and share problems with those around you for you to become a better person.



If you saw the man first:

The guy’s face represents changes in love life. A man who will take along many happy moments will come your way very soon.


You’re tranquil, truthful, and faithful. Other people see you as dependable and a trustworthy person. Moreover, you’re a natural leader who can take initiative to lead a group going through the right track. You sensibly follow steps to achieve your goal, and this prevents you from making imprudent decisions.  You can be a perfectionist, which can be a source of your stress.


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