Select Which Among Them Is Not Really a Family and We’ll Tell Your Personality

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A picture speaks a thousand words. It is of great joy if we are able to have a picture of our family, especially when we’re complete. The closeness and indestructible bond of a family can also be shown through photos.


Moreover, Meow Gag gives this test in that you’ll determine which among them isn’t really a family.





If you believe it is:


You are full of peace and kindness.

You are incredibly aware how much peace and kindness people are able to create by just being helpful. Like generosity, helping is a gift that keeps giving. It makes your heart incredibly happy to know you are making positive changes in people's lives. But beware: a controlling nature can often hide behind a mask of helpfulness!




You are good natured and family oriented.

Good-natured people like you dream of stable and trusting relationships that would last a lifetime. To you, marriage and family are very important and take the top priority. You enjoy taking care of others and tend to put up with a lot to create a happy environment for people in your life. You are a loyal and reliable friend which sometimes leads to others taking advantage of your kindness. To you, being used is the most hurtful thing.




You have a caring and happy soul.

You care a lot about people and how they handle things. By caring, you achieve genuine happiness. You also tend to be selfless because you think of other’s welfare first before yours. It is a good thing but not all the time. Remember, you also have to think and take care of yourself. Nevertheless, you are the person who thinks that happiness can be achieved completely if you are doing things that you really want.



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