The First Thing You Perceive in This Image Will Tell Something About Your Character

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There is something about our mind, which makes us pay attention to diverse features, and that’s where our true character exists. To prove it, Meow Gag has created this test wherein you just have to look at the image below and identify the first thing that attracts your attention.





A person on the hill:

If the silhouette was the first thing that caught your attention, it means you’re an intelligent and very down-to-earth person. You’re always accountable about your obligations and a perfectionist when it comes to conveying them out. The problem is that you can be very stringent with others that will make them see you as too ruthless.



A woman’s face:

Seeing this first in the image means that you’re a very subtle and instinctive person. You choose to reflect alone, getting lost in your imagination. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have company. Although it’s conceivable that people see you being other-worldly visionary, nothing could make you happier.



The moon:

Those people who notice the moon are best described as creative and fun. If there’s one thing they want, it’s being the life of the party. Other people love being around you to see what you’ll turn up next. The problem is that you’re not the most grounded person, so your artistic plans can be up in the air.



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