5 Unnoticeable Mistakes We Commit When Taking a Shower

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Taking a shower is just a simple thing to do, yet there are unnoticeable mistakes that we commit when doing it. In line with this, Meow Gag gathered five common errors that we have to correct in order to keep our skin healthy.



1. Excessively hot water



Using excessively hot water during shower will make your skin dry and flaky. It also washes away too much skin fat that leaves your skin vulnerable. Also, it increases blood flow, which often causes erythema, inflammations, and rashes.



2. Washing for too long




Taking lengthy shower dries the skin so much, resulting in rashes and itching. The ideal duration of taking a bath is about 10 minutes.



3. Regular use of foamy gels and body washes




Frequent use of shower gel depletes your natural protective oil layer, which will lead to dryness and roughness of the skin. Apart from that, if antibacterial washing agents aren’t specifically recommended to you, there’s no need to use them on a daily basis.



4. Using old and wet sponges



Change your sponges and loofahs once every four weeks and keep it dry after use. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a terrycloth mitten or a towel instead.



5. Very enthusiastic drying



Dry your body using a soft towel, leaving it a little moist. Afterwards, use your favorite cream and your skin will stay smooth and healthy.


Illustrated by: Germielyn Flores for Meow Gag


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