9 Bra Tricks that Every Girl Should Know

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A bra is just a piece of element in women’s wardrobe. But then, this piece of cloth and foam can boost ladies’ self-confidence. With this, Meow Gag has collected nine bra tricks that will teach females how to use their bras to the fullest.


1. Don’t let your bra strip off



To prevent your strapless bra from slipping off, attach a strap to the back of it, pass it beneath your breasts, and affix it on the back on the other side.



2. Best trick for perfect push-up


Put on the self-adhesive cups diagonally instead of horizontal position.



3. Just in case the bra straps rub


Attach special silicone pads on your bra straps to prevent it from rubbing into your skin.



4. How to make strapless dress more comfortable to wear


Take off the front of a bra, and sew it straight into the dress’ bodice.



5. Easy way to adjust bra straps



By just using two fingers, adjusting bra straps will be easier. Underneath the strap on your shoulder, place one finger above the other.



6. How to lift your breasts



Cross the straps of your bra at the back so that it can lift your breasts up.



7. Proper way to improve bra lace


Put swimsuit cup inserts inside your bra and you can fix them using a clothing adhesive tape.



8. When you’ve got gaps



Fasten the edges of the shirt between the buttons using a double-sided sticky tape made for clothing.



9. Easy way of keeping bras



Use a hanger in storing your bras so that it won’t lose its shape and will always be at hand.


Based on materials from Brightside.me


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