Did You Have A Strange Dream? Here’s A Conclusive Guide On What It Means

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For the past century, researchers have tried to determine the veiled truths being revealed in our subconscious mind when we go to bed. The fact is that while there are general symbols that have been accepted meanings; the implication of dreams differs significantly from person to person.



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Meow GAG has learned that there are some common dreams that most of us experience at some phase in our lives. These dreams create a range of emotions that can be interpreted and understood. These dreams usually fit into seven particular categories:


1. Precognitive dreams: The precise details in the dream foresee a significant event, which is going to happen, or which will happen in the future. These dreams foretell the future by using your sixth sense.


2. Warning: As the name proposes, these dreams commonly warn you on a forthcoming danger, except you change certain actions.


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3. Factual: These dreams are validation to what the person dreaming already knows to be factual. It can also highlight an exact detail in a person’s life. They can disclose hidden truths about themselves by way of symbols in their dreams.


4. Inspirational: These are dreams that motivate a person dreaming to solve a personal or professional problem that he’s having. Inspirational dreams can be used as inspiration to make positive changes in life.


5. Fulfillment of desires: In the subconscious mind, the desires generally manifest themselves in dreams. If a person wishes to be a millionaire, he might have a dream, in which he won the lottery. They help the mind to provoke innermost yearnings.


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6. Compensatory: Just like to the fulfillment of a desire, compensatory dreams happen as a way of satisfying something that is missing in your life. For example, if you haven’t had physical intimacy for a long time, you might have a compensatory dream about an engagement with somebody or having your sexual desires achieved.


7. Reconciliation: When you lose somebody in your life due to a break up or demise, you generally have unsettled feelings with those people. Reconciliation dreams are your unconscious mind’s way of dealing with losing people who have impacted on your life.


We hope that this guide is beneficial and it helps you to give some sense to those dreams that sometimes seem so puzzling. Share this to your family and friends for them to know what their dreams mean!


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