See How Dog Breeds Have Changed Over A Century

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Dogs really are “Man’s BFFs”. Let’s see how these wonderful and lovable creatures have changed for the last 100 years.


We, at MeowGag, have compiled “before and after” pictures of various dog breeds:


English Bulldog


© Robert Leighton   © bulldogusa   

English Bulldog Now: The body has become more massive and stockier, and has more skin hanging on its body. The chest has become wider, the legs have become shorter, and the face is more flattened now.


Basset Hound


© Frank Townend Barton   © Томасина   

Basset Hound Now: The body has become lower, the hind legs are shorter, and the ears are a lot longer now. The face, as the legs, has become shorter, and the skin has more folds now.




© Mood210   © Friedrerich Roberth  

Boxers Now: Their faces are shorter and upturned. The proportions of the body have slightly changed too.


Bull Terrier


© Lilly M    © pinterest   

Bull Terrier Now: The face has become shorter, and the jaws have become larger. In general, the bodies are lower and stockier now.


West Highland White Terrier


© W. E. Mason     © Jjc249   

West Highland White Terrier Now: The fur might have become a bit longer and thicker.


Doberman Pinscher


© Heinrich Sperling   © Ilicivan  

Doberman Pinscher Now: They have become a little less massive, and their head is more smooth now. Also, they are not as aggressive as they used to be back then.


Irish Setter


© wikimedia   © znamenskiy  

Irish Setter Now: The breed hasn’t changed much in 150+ years (the picture in the left was taken in 1879). They have only become a bit thinner and lighter, and they have longer and thicker fur now.


German Shepherd


© wikimedia   © pedigreedatabase  

German Shepherds Now: They have become larger, and their fur has become longer and thicker. The skeleton has changed as well: now the сroup is lower, and the chest is wider.




© xcellsakennels   © Juan Ramon Radriuez Sosa  

Rottweilers Now: The fur is coarser now, and they don’t have their tails docked anymore.


Saluki (Persian Greyhound)


© W. E. Mason   © Marie Anti  

Salukis Now: They have become a lot taller and thinner. and have long and very thin legs, as well as longer ears.




© cbblkn     © Igor Bredikhin  

Dachshund Now: They have a longer face and body, a slightly wider chest, and much shorter hind legs.


Airedale Terrier


© pinterest   © [email protected]  

Airedale Terrier Now: They have a shaggier and longer face.


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