Husbands Ranked Worst to Best According to Zodiac Signs (I Feel Sorry for Pisces)

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For those hopeless romantics who basically spent all their time and effort (and money) in order to find the right guy; this may be your last resort! Find out who you’re most compatible with, according to his zodiac sign.


As the title suggests, the order is given from worst to best. Good luck and Happy Hunting!





You have to expect that the Pisces man tends to become attracted to someone who is entirely different from him. If you are that person, then you may be the perfect match for the Pisces man. Remember that he tends to become hurt about the smallest things so you may have to be extra sensitive of the things that you will say or do.





If you are searching for a relationship that does not require 100% commitment, the Taurus guy may be the one that you are searching for. Expect that he is going to be focused on his career and his immediate family so he may not have much time for you. If you think of relationships as something that is convenient, you and the Taurus may reach a particular understanding. You have to be 100% supportive of them, and they will be the same to you.





You can expect that a Virgo will be jealous once he begins to love you. He will say things that he does not mean, or even if he does, he will deliver it in such a sharp manner that you are bound to get hurt. The moment that he realizes what he has done, he will apologize profusely, but it will depend on you if you are willing to undergo the Virgo’s jealous rages and issues. He can be a challenge, but if you like a challenge, he will be worth it.





The Capricorn man is known to be a perfectionist. He expects nothing less about the things that are given to him. He may expect unrealistic things from the relationship that you have with each other. He may be controlling at times, but his decisions may be right for the relationship that you share with each other.





The Sagittarius man may tend to feel that he is always inadequate in giving you all of the things you want to get. He may be loyal to you but he always has some demons going on that can make the relationship more challenging than usual.





The Aquarius man is usually considered as strange because he may be perfectly fine on his own. He needs his space all the time, and you may sometimes feel like you are intruding. He tries his best all the time, but it will be up to you to decide if he is worth it or not.





The Leo guy is someone who is in love with the concept of being in love. He will make grand gestures of love, but you may sometimes wonder if he is doing it for you or himself. The moment that he falls in love with you, he will never leave your side. He may become a bit too clingy for your taste, but if you are clingy too, then it will be a perfect match.





The moment that a Cancer guy falls in love with you, you are going to be given all the love and care that you have always wished for unless of course, he does not choose you. The Cancer guy likes chasing after women who do not like him back. If he does love you unconditionally, then you do not have to look for anything more.





You know that the Aries guy can be very domineering. He would like to be the dominant one in the relationship. If you are the overbearing type yourself, expect that you are going to be a challenge to the Aries, he will try his best to dominate you. If you would always show that you are not backing down, he will fall hopelessly in love with you. You may need to work hard to get his time and attention though as he will not give these things quickly.





You know that the Libra guy is serious about you if he aims to make the relationship that you both have to be as peaceful as possible. He knows that he is going to pick the fights that he is going to participate in. If he feels that it is not worth it, he will not fight. If you are worth fighting for, he will do so. Remember that the Libra guy is usually the life of the party. Do not get intimidated by the amount of attention he is getting as he is always willing to share the limelight with you.





This is the type of guy who can fall deeply in love with you quickly. They are going to motivate you so that it will be easier for you to reach your dreams. They will also be there for you to listen to your problems. They may have a dark side at times that they do not want to show but if you are willing to accept the Gemini guy in your life, it will not be too complicated.





You already know that the Scorpio man is highly charismatic. He can do his best to become noticed. The more you get to know him, you will realize that he is a bit complicated, but this is the reason why he is so endearing. He is very loyal. He may be impatient, but he has a soft heart especially for the things he loves.


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