Choose a Crystalline Shape to Reveal Unresolved Karma from a Past Life

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Have you ever felt like there are certain quirks in your personality that continue to challenge you, no matter how much you try to work on them? It is entirely possible that you are still coming to terms with karma from a past life. But all is not lost! Take a look at the crystalline images below; one of them will speak to you most. Scroll down to find out to reveal an unresolved karma from a past life!


Pick your crystalline shape:




1. Letting go and moving on from unhealthy relationships


In a past life, you were typically by yourself, isolated and alone, feeling abandoned by others. This is why you value your relationships and will do anything and everything to stop any relationship from disintegrating.


At times, you can only see the positive side or the potential of that person and it is difficult for you to accept that this ideal isn't possible when the relationship begins to fall apart and unfortunately, sometimes toxic. When you have these experiences, you have a tendency to hold on and fight for the relationship longer than is healthy. This is as a result of your anxiety at being alone or not having the esteem of others.


Learning how to spot the red flags and warning signs will save you from hurt, heartache, and disappointment. This challenge could be in any or all of your relationships, whether it be family, friends, romantic, or co-workers.



2. Doubting yourself and self-sabotaging yourself and goals


In a past life, you weren't afraid to make a leap of faith, but they were often ill-thought-out which brought unfortunate results for you. Your decisions placed yourself and others in danger financially and physically. These mistakes lead you to doubt yourself during a previous life and the shadow of this is still with you today.


There are a number of ways to work through this issue such as not rushing into decisions and giving yourself credit for all of the successful and wise decisions and actions you have made recently. Another tip is to not seek too many people's opinions and advice. Guidance from others, while well-intentioned, will only cause you more confusion!



3. Difficulty in trusting others


In a previous lifetime, you were the victim of cunning and chicanery so often that today you tend to be guarded. At times you are unsure who to confide in and because of that confusion, you may have placed your faith in those who ultimately betrayed you.


In this lifetime, you will and have been drawn to people who will test your faith and trust in them. The key is to pay attention to your gut instinct and to give people the benefit of the doubt when they bear their souls to you. The signs are always there, maybe not at first, but they are always there for us to see.


Ultimately, it is best to take your time opening up to people as you build relationships with them. After a few months, you will be able to trust their integrity and you can then make your decision as to whether they are worthy to be in your inner circle.



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