Know Your Inner Subconscious Desires, Fears, and Loves with This Revealing Psychological Test

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This psychological test has been popular among psychologists for some time now. It helps them and their patient understand the latter’s own subconscious wants triggers and desires.


It is an easy test to take because the only equipment needed is your imagination.


Certain scenarios will be given to you and you just need to visualize them as vividly as possible. Close your eyes if need be.


Then immediately write down the first thing you visualized without thinking about it too much. This is essential to get as accurate a result as possible.



The Wood

Picture yourself in a wood. You’re walking through the trees on a long winding path.


Step 1: Observe the trees and figure out if they are in a set pattern or just growing in a wild, chaotic manner?


Step 2: What time of the day is it? Is it dark or light?


Step 3: What kind of path is it? Is it a wide or narrow, heavily used or barely there?



The Key

As you walk that path, you find a key among the woods


Step 4: Is it an old, rusted key or a shiny, new one? What size is it? What can you see it unlocking?


Step 5: Take it with you or leave it where you found it.



The Bear

You keep going down the path when a bear appears out of nowhere. Take a careful look at this image.


Step 6: Does the bear look friendly or ferocious? Are you afraid of it?


Step 7: What is the size of the bear?



The Ossuary

The bear disappears among the trees and you keep walking. Then you see an ossuary in the center of the path.


Step 8: Describe it as you see it. What material was used to make it?


Step 9: Look at it closely. Check if it contains anything. If it does, what is inside it?



The Cottage

Walk past the urn and keep going for a bit, the path will end at a cottage.


Step 10: Describe it as it appears to you.


You can hear the sound of a deranged man screaming to be let out from inside. He sounds like he could be dangerous but he is begging you to free him.


Step 11: Do you let him out?




Suddenly, everything around you ceases to exist and you see only white. You are neither here nor there and no matter which way you walk, you are stuck in this limbo.


You scream for help but there is no response. Nothing changes no matter what you try.


Step 12: Do you keep trying to explore and find an exit even though the landscape around you is not changing?


Or do you give up hope and resign yourself to staying there? How long does it take for you to give up?


The test ends here. Let us now analyze your answers.





The Woods


Step 1: If the trees are arranged in a pattern, you are an organized person. You look at everything in an orderly and logical manner.


A chaotic setting might mean that presentation is not very important in your eyes. The essence of things is what matters.


Step 2: Whether you visualize day or night represents in what way you see your childhood.


A forest flooded with sunlight represents that you are optimistic and hopeful but a dark wood might indicate that you are currently scared or your childhood was a terrifying period for you.


Step 3: This is a direct representation of the route you’ve taken in life. A spacious path with no obstacles means that you know where you’re going and why.


A cluttered, small and unused path may represent hesitation, uncertainty or even just not want to know that is in store for you in the future.



The Key


Step 4: The key is only as old as the dream you’re dreaming. An ornamental key means you covet treasure, an ancient key means you long for something life-changing.


The size of the key represents the magnitude of your desires.


Step 5: If you leave it behind, it means that the key feels like a threat. You don’t want to unlock certain things. But if you pick it up, your desire outweighs your fear.



The Bear


Step 6: If the bear is fearsome, you are anxious about your issues. If it is snarling and ferocious, you might also be feeling that anger and rage, like your problems, are trying to get you.


If it’s a fairly ordinary bear, just lumbering around, you don’t perceive these problems as a danger to you. A friendly bear indicates that your problems are under control.


Step 7: Its size directly indicates the perceived size of your problems.



The Ossuary


Step 8: If it is big it indicates that you are inextricably intertwined to the heritage of your ancestors and it is a major influence on you.


If it is very old, you might be feeling distanced from them. A new one, made from current materials might indicate that their existence is still very relevant to you.


Step 9: If there is nothing in the urn you probably feel that connection but you don’t think it can do much for you. Those who see water still find something useful in that connection.


Those who see sand see it as still relevant but not in a way that can help their current struggle. If there are living things, the connection is important and it will tell you what sort of connection it is.



The Cottage


Step 10: A large, handsome cottage indicates that you desire riches and abundance, a small one that you are content with what you get.


Step 11: This tests your trust in others. If you unlock the door, you are usually okay with assisting those who might be dangerous to you. If you don’t, you have learned from the past and so you are cautious.





Step 12: This represents death. Many start by trying to find an exit but some are quick to accept their fate. The latter prefer to go with the flow and are content without any change in their situation.


The fighters will keep going even if there is no end in sight. They desire to change, evolve and grow and are not willing to accept an end to their lives.


Based on the materials from The Minds Journal



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