Know The Zodiac Pairs Which Are Most Passionate and Powerful Together

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The elements where each zodiac sign belong are one of the main factors which govern their compatibility among one another. Nevertheless, there are other parameters too. It might ensue that two signs belonging to the same vital element might not be well-matched with one another.


With this, to dissolve the misperception, we have enumerated the pairs of zodiac signs which are most passionate and powerful together.


Aries and Libra

Aries displays intense qualities of leadership which is mirrored both in their professional and personal lives. Other signs which have a tendency to be controlling over their partners in relationships, like Taurus, consequently can be ruled out.


Honesty is one of the main elements the Aries pursuits in their partner. The fire of passion burns in Aries when it comes to sexual actions too. In this case, Leo or Scorpio can be good possibilities but the best one is the Libra. Aries is drawn towards the Libra’s truthful and even-tempered nature. Libra’s need for emotional dependence compliments the governing nature of Aries and lets the Aries explore their partner with desire. Therefore, when they bond, they form a very zealous and powerful couple.



Taurus and Virgo

Taurus is family-oriented person. Entrenched in tradition, the Taurus finds love-making more passionate than the deed itself. The romantic Taurus has a good compatibility with Virgo who, like them appreciates living a family life. Virgo’s love for the sensuous reverberates with Taurus and they form a powerful couple. Nevertheless, Taurus should really stay away from Sagittarius. The adventure-loving Sagittarius will never be capable of making a Taurus happy.



Gemini and Sagittarius

The cheerful, fun-loving Gemini is a great buddy we can have around us. But when it comes to relationships, Gemini becomes slightly tough compared with other signs. Mostly, a Gemini is afraid of commitment because it makes them feel attached. What the Gemini pursues in their partner is intelligence and wit. The out-going Sagittarius is the Gemini’s perfect partner. The Sagittarius too is always frightened of losing their freedom, making them compatible with Gemini. The funny side of Sagittarius conveys impresses the Gemini. So, when these two unite, they feel tremendously happy and protected with one another.  The practical Capricorn is the most horrible match for the Gemini.



Cancer and Taurus

Cancer is an empath. They always look for a long-lasting serious relationship where they can bond with their partner, passionately. The sensitive and serious Taurus is the best match for the subtle Cancer. Signs like Leo who are frank and can be arrogant at times will upset a Cancer instead of making them contented.



Leo and Aries

Full of immodesty, there is no deficiency of suitors for a Leo. Nevertheless, their unregretful nature and personality make it hard for most of the signs to withstand a lasting relationship with them. Aries is compatible for a Leo because of the passion they carry. They show their love to one another with such a magnificence and elegance that none can contend with them. Like their love, their fights are stern too. Nonetheless, they will understand each other and live through it. The Scorpio is the worst match for a Leo. Their strengths do not match and they tend to mock the habits of one another.



Virgo and Scorpio

One of the most organized signs of the zodiacs is Virgo. The perfectionist Virgo is typically kept but observant towards their partner. The awfully passionate Scorpio connects well with Virgo. They share a very powerful emotional relationship with one another. The well-disciplined nature of Virgo helps to balance the fast-paced Scorpio. Meanwhile the Scorpio’s open display of sexuality helps the Virgo to come out of their shell. Sagittarius is the most horrible match for Virgo as it turns off the latter’s adventurous nature.



Libra and Gemini

Libra is a born diplomat. They can effortlessly resolve struggles. While solitude disturbs them, they don’t gel with people who lack intelligence. Due to their curiosity, Libra adores meeting people and learning about them. Gemini is perfect for them. Both of them are exceptionally eloquent and are drawn to each other because of this communication ability and brainpower. Libra’s steadiness also helps the Gemini to stay entrenched to the ground. The dull Virgo isn’t well-matched with Libra; in fact, they turn them off the most.



Scorpio and Pisces

The strong and cold-hearted Scorpio is tremendously sensitive and unforgiving. Whatever they do, they do with desire. They’re forceful and dominant when it comes to their romantic partners. When a Pisces unites with a Scorpio, none can wear them out. They’re the match that is made in paradise. While the Scorpio appreciates the emotional Pisces, it is the passive nature of Pisces which makes the Scorpio utilizes their desire and passion to their fullest. They form a very instinctive couple together. The insincere Aries fends both of them off.



Sagittarius and Aquarius

Sagittarius hates staying at one place the most! The free-bird Sagittarius is born to go on an expedition. They need autonomy to stay alive. Be it in relationship or in life, they will have to experience a new thing every day. If anyone wishes to draw them down, they’re going to fly away. Who else can appreciate this need better than the Aquarius? Similarly, Aquarius is also longing for freedom. Aquarius is capable of bringing stability in the relationship with their honesty and love for ventures; there will be no boring moment in the relationship. The Sagittarius would hate to be with a family-oriented and unattractive Taurus.



Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorns are go-getting and devoted. They know what they want from life and they’re concentrated on attaining that. Even in relationships, they give their best which is also the reason why they try to stay away from it because they’re afraid of getting hurt. The well-disciplined Virgo understands this and helps the Capricorn preserve the order. Both of them are exceptionally concentrated and they make a well-disciplined family when they are together. The insensitive carefree Gemini is the most horrible match for a Capricorn.



Aquarius and Libra

Aquarius is undoubtedly the last man who will keep on complaining even when an assembly has been compulsory to end. If there’s any off beam, the Aquarius will complain. They always want fairness and can go at any length to eradicate discrimination from this world. Libra’s longing for fairness draws the Aquarius who gets a partner who will appreciate the demand of their complaint and help them in ways they can. Always demanding for parity, they will give each other their due respect in the relationship too. Conversely, Cancer might find the Aquarius crazy when it comes to conflicts where the Aquarius is distantly connected. So, it will not be possible for them to unite.



Pisces and Capricorn

Pisces and Capricorn are two contrary poles drawing each other. The pensive and creative Pisces will draw the worldly Capricorn towards it and their resilient faith in attaining their dreams will motivate the Capricorn too. While Pisces will make sure the Capricorn appreciates imaginative moments, the Capricorn will keep the Pisces entrenched to the ground when they are sailing too deep in the dreadful ocean. Pisces constantly stay away from Virgo who can’t appreciate their pensive nature.


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Based on materials from: The Minds Journal



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