8 Non-Cliché Nicknames Women Love

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Pet names are very common among couples. Although some are universal pet names, there are several creative couples who see to it that their terms of endearment should be personal, unique and special to them.


Based on a survey of 15 girls, here are the 4 most important things they look for as a nickname with their better halves:


1. It shouldn’t be “Babe”; too overused.

2. It should be a literal term of endearment.

3. It should be related to the person’s real name – or a variation of it.

4. It should be unique, creative, witty and personalized.


So boys, here are examples, based on 8 women, of nicknames that are not cliché.



1. “Lizzie” – Elizabeth D.

“My name is Elizabeth. But to most of my friends, I’m known as Beth. It’s primarily how I like to introduce myself. But my husband wanted to feel special, so he decided to just start calling me Lizzie one day. And honestly, it was annoying at first, but it kind of grew on me. It was a name that the both of us kept for ourselves, and I love that.”



2. “Girlfriend – Michelle S.

“It might not be the most creative of nicknames but it works for us. I call him boyfriend, and he just calls me girlfriend. I would never want us to be the couple who overuses “babe” so that’s definitely a no-go. I’m just hoping that eventually our nicknames evolve from girlfriend-boyfriend to wife-husband.”



3. “Kitkat” – Katrina R.

“KitKats are my favorite sweets in the whole world. And coincidentally, I’m named Katrina. It’s like a match made in heaven. My boyfriend just decided to call me KitKat because I’m guessing he considers me to be the sweetest thing in his life.”



4. “Honey – Kate V.

“I love to be called honey. It might be cliché, but to me, it’s a lot better than being called ‘babe’ all the time. My boyfriend just started calling me honey one day and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed hearing that word come out of his mouth. And it just stuck with us ever since. If he had called me ‘babe’ it probably would have been a different story.”



5. “Cutie” – Mary B.

“Who doesn’t want to be reminded of how cute they are? To tell you the truth, my partner for 5 years has been calling me cutie since the start, and I still get giddy every time he says it. There’s just a little girl inside of me who leaps with joy whenever I hear him call me his little cutie pie.”



6. “Frizzy – Aila S.

“My ex used to call me Frizzy and it’s probably my most favorite nickname in a relationship ever. I’m an African-American woman with strong frizzy hair that just has a life of its own. I used to always see this as a flaw in my appearance and I was deeply insecure about it. But when my ex started using ‘Frizzy’ as a term of endearment towards me, I stopped seeing my frizzy hair as a flaw and I started to love that part of my looks.”



7. “Babyschka – Maria K.

“I’m Russian and so I wanted my boyfriend to infuse a Russian flare into his nickname for me. And so he came up with ‘Babyschka’ instead of the regular babe. I love it. I hate it whenever people get lazy and just choose to refer to their significant others as ‘babe’ when there are so many creative alternatives out there that you could go with.”



8. “Kitten – Rose L.

“I am absolutely obsessed with cats even though my husband is more of a dog lover. He hates cats, in fact. But he loves me enough to be able to tolerate the fact that we now have 3 cats who live with us in our cramped apartment. He calls me Kitten because he says that he loves me just as much as I love my cats and I think that’s the sweetest thing in the world.”


Ladies! What are your favorite nicknames? Comment them below!


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