If Your Man Truly Misses You, He’ll Send You These Messages

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How would you know if your man misses you or not? When you’re talking in person, you’re capable of seeing a lot of things. On the other hand, when the two of you were just sending text messages, you may not be able to recognize the true emotion of the sender constantly. Luckily, there are some text messages patterns that are enough to demonstrate that he truly misses you. So without further ado here are the messages he’ll send you if your man misses you.



1. “Hey are you there?”



2. “I thought of you when ____.”



3. “I was looking at our old photos and _____.”



4. “Do you remember when ___?”



5. “How’s everything?”



6. “I heard someone laughing and suddenly you popped out in my mind.”



7. When he’s asking a lot of questions.



8. “Have you seen my___, have I left it at your place?”



9. “It’s really cold tonight.”



10. “I was at the restaurant you like.”



11. “Do you remember when we went on a road trip?”



12. “I have been thinking about you.”



13. “I can’t wait to see you again.”



14. “I just wanted to say hi.”



15. “I miss you.”


So, these are the cute messages indicating that your better half is missing you. Just in case we have missed any other text messages pattern, please let us know through our comment section below.


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