25 Etiquette Rules That You Should Always Remember

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Some people claim that etiquette no longer matters; that the rules for good behavior are unfashionable and out of date.  Nevertheless, good behavior and manners are never out of style. With that, here are 25 etiquette rules that all of us shouldn’t forget.



Etiquette #1:

Be punctual at all meetings, dates, get-togethers and other occasions. Just plan ahead thoughtfully and meaningfully.



Etiquette #2:

Don’t mooch. Replace what you borrowed if it’s misplaced and ask before taking anything, which definitely could be misplaced.



Etiquette #3:

Be considerate when using your smartphone. Text if possible and be low-key and quiet when you need to make or take a call.



Etiquette #4:

Always show up when you RSVP and don’t RSVP until you’re definitely sure you’ll show up.



Etiquette #5:

Don’t push your diet to others. Talking about it is fine, but only when it’s actually inactive and non-assertive.



Etiquette #6:

Always help clean-up when you’re at a dinner party or an actual party.



Etiquette #7:

Never use a text message to communicate awfully serious news or information.



Etiquette #8:

Never take your pets with you around town while you are running errands (or at least do so rarely).



Etiquette #9:

Always make sure you’re the only one who can hear the music coming out of your earphones or headphones.



Etiquette #10:

Never ask someone to bring food when you’re organizing a party or get-together.



Etiquette #11:

Never post confidential messages, information or images to social networking sites.



Etiquette #12:

Never force anyone to watch, read, or do the same thing as you do. Again, talking about it is fine but don’t be pushy or forceful.



Etiquette #13:

Don’t be the person who always laughs or talks so loud.



Etiquette #14:

Always split the bill equally when dining out (or at least honestly offer to do so).



Etiquette #15:

Don’t crash a party with an uninvited guest(s).



Etiquette #16:

Always hold doors open when there’s someone right behind you.



Etiquette #17:

Don’t text or check social networking site while you’re a part of a dinner party.



Etiquette #18:

Always sit quietly at the back if you can’t help being late for class, meeting or an event.



Etiquette #19:

Be courteous to other human beings – and even more courteous to those who are less fortunate.



Etiquette #20:

Offer to wait for the next elevator if you make it on but there’s no room for someone else.



Etiquette #21:

Don’t rush for the exits after a movie ends or after the door on a bus opens. As an alternative, exit when it’s most convenient for you and everyone else.



Etiquette #22:

Don’t push food or drinks to people when you know they’re on a diet.



Etiquette #23:

Don’t interrupt people when they’re talking.



Etiquette #24:

Always thank the driver when you ride a bus, taxi, Uber or Lyft.



Etiquette #25:

Don’t take up more than one seat when you travel on planes, trains or buses.


Based on materials from Way2KnowledgePortal

Illustrated by Germielyn Balondo for Meow Gag




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