My Dog, My Lover —— Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

The Plan


Author: Maybelle Casiple


I slept so deep that night. I felt secure knowing that Pierce is with me. I looked at the clock on the bedside table. It says six o’clock. I looked at Pierce. He is still fast asleep. He is so gorgeous when he sleeps. I stayed on the bed staring at him. Just staring at him can melt your heart.


I keep asking myself, why I was blessed with a man like him. Maybe God heard my prayers before. I asked him to give me a guy who would respect me and love me like I truly deserve. I always thought that it would be Daniel, but I guess I was wrong. It is Pierce. But I know this won’t last long, Pierce will eventually become a dog again.


I am not a selfish person, but I want to be greedy only this time. This time that Pierce is with me. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past. One of them is trusting Daniel and believing that my best friend was a traitor when all were planned by Daniel. When Rachel and I were just his victims.


This is my time to feel true love, an honest love that will last a lifetime. This will not last a lifetime, but this love will forever stay for a lifetime.


I got up from the bed slowly, careful no the disturb the living god on my bed. I put on my robe and went to the kitchen. I prepared brewed coffee and rummaged in my fridge for breakfast. Even though Pierce is a dog, but he cooks good food.


I took four eggs, milk, bacon, my guilty pleasure. I buttered a couple of wheat bread and stashed them inside the toaster. I heated my pan and started cooking my bacon until it was crisp. I beat the eggs, added some milk and seasoned it with salt and pepper. It turns out that I am not only good in pastry, but I can cook meals as well.


I don’t usually eat breakfast, but when I do, I just have some cereals. But today is special, because of Pierce. I am going to keep the time that we have together memorable. I want every minute that we spend is something that we both will never forget. I wanted to show him to the world, but I know I can’t. I don’t know when he will turn into a dog again and I don’t want other people to witness it. I didn’t even have the chance to witness it.


I prepare the breakfast tray. Poured the coffee into our cups. The cutlery, the plate. I also have orange juice. I brought everything to the bed, and he is still asleep. It’s already seven in the morning, and I don’t want the food to get cold. I woke him up.


“Pierce, oh Pierce. Wake up, my love. Breakfast is served.” I said softly.


“Hmmm.” He just answered me with a moan.


“Come on now, Hon. Let’s have breakfast. I cooked them for you.” I told him as I sat beside him after placing the tray on the table.


I leaned closer to him. He was sleeping on his chest, and his head is away from me. I leaned closer to give him a peck on the cheek when suddenly I felt his hand on my waist. He pulled me down beside him and put his arms around me. I struggled to get up, but he was fast. He has his legs wrapped around my legs. His eyes are still closed, and he even moans.


“Pierce. Oh, Pierce. Wake up now, let’s have breakfast.” I told him. This time I did not try to struggle and let go of myself from his arms and legs. I looked at him, and his eyes are still closed. His breath is hot, but he smells really good.


“But I want you for my breakfast.” He said. And he kissed me on my lips. It was passionate, and I liked it. But I know if I give in to him something will happen.


“No, I am not your breakfast. But I cooked us breakfast. So, let’s get up now.” I said. Still trying to persuade him.


But he was stubborn, even as a human he is still stubborn. He still did not move and kept me on his side and kissed me on my neck. I can’t move. I can’t push myself away from him. Then slowly, he got up, and he was on top of me.


He held my hands and kept my legs from moving. The blanket that was covering him is now left on the bed. There he is, on top of me, fully naked. While I have my robe on, but I only have my undies. He slowly leaned on me, and I just closed my eyes. He planted a sweet and passionate kiss on my lips, and I felt I had no energy anymore to decline.


He opened the top of my robe, revealing the inside. He gently kissed me from my neck down to my chest and my navel and stopped there. I was at the moment that if he wanted me to be his breakfast, then I wanted him for my dessert. But he stopped.


“Come on now, Hon. Let’s have breakfast. You cooked for me, right?” He said.


My eyes were wide open. I was half expecting that something will happen. But I guess he was just teasing. I was a little in dismay, but I got up of the bed.


“No, Hon. Just stay, I will get it myself.” He said.


I was a little disappointed, but at the same time, I giggled. That little teasing for me is like he makes me more of a woman and at the same time, he is not persistent of what he wants to happen.


Even though he is a dog that turned human, he has the respect and kindness that no human has. Not even Daniel. He took the breakfast tray from the table and set it up in front of us. We had a sumptuous breakfast in bed, together.


It was eight o’clock when we finished breakfast. We enjoyed a lot having breakfast together. We talked about the night I spent at the shop and how tiring it was for me. I also told him everything that Rachel told me. How Daniel used her and blackmailed her. How we can help her to get out of this mess. I told him that even if this happened to Daniel and me, she is still my best friend. Now, she is the one who needs my help. I want to help her at any cost.


“I need to help Rachel. I told you before that she is still my friend. She was there when I was all alone. She became my rock and now, I want to be his rock, too.” I told Pierce.


“So, what do you plan to do?” he asked.


“Rachel said that the flash drive is somewhere in his apartment. In fact, she gave me the key to his apartment.” I said.


“So, you want us to rummage on his things inside of his apartment?” He asked.


“Well, that will be the plan. Yes. The “how to do it” part is the question.” I said.


“If you want to trespass his apartment you have to be sure not to get caught. Doesn’t he have any CCTV cameras in his apartment?” he asked.


“I don’t think so. I asked him before. He said he doesn’t believe in CCTV cameras. Instead of giving you security, it’s making you more anxious about the things that’s happening. That’s his philosophy.”


“If that’s the case, it’s easy to infiltrate his place. You will need a diversion.” He said.


“Yeah, a diversion.” I agreed.


“You need to know when he is at home, or when he is going home. It will be your window to trespass and rummage on his things.”


“I think Rachel can help us with that,” I said.


“Yeah. She has to keep Daniel by her side and give you a signal when it is okay to go there. She can text you right?” He said.


“Yes, sure she can. When do you think is the right time to do it?” I asked.


“I say you do it at daytime. Today.” He said.


Today. I have a meeting with the Carters today, but I know Alex can deal with them. I have to ask first what Daniel will be doing today from Rachel.


I got up of the bed, took the tray and put them into the dishwashing. Meanwhile, Pierce stood up and went straight to the shower.


“I will shower first. You can call Rachel and ask her for Daniel’s activities for today.” He said.


I just nodded and took my phone. I dialed Alex’s number first to inform her that I won’t be at the meeting with the Carters.


“Hello, Alex. Yes. I may not be at the meeting with the Carters later. Yeah. I just have a very important thing to do. I signed the documents yesterday. They are on my table. I think we have presented to the Carters before and we just need their final decision. If they decided to order from us, ask them what other services we can offer. Like a chocolate fountain, candies and other stuff for kids. Okay. I know you can do it Alex. What happened last night? That’s good. So, have you seen the president? Really? How young do you think he is? I wish I were there. You know I can feast my eyes on such beauty. Ha ha ha. Yeah. So. anyone of you had his number? That’s bad. Yeah. They said he’s a very reserved person. Anyways, if I am done early, I will go there. Yeah. Just very important. Thank you, Alex. Bye.”


After I settled my appointment and passed it on to Alex, I dialed Rachel’s number. Her phone rang, but she was not answering. I thought maybe she still asleep or having breakfast. Then I received a text message from her.


“Daniel’s here. I don’t want to answer. I want him to think that you are still mad at me and not talking to me. He doesn’t know that you are the one calling. I kept my phone in silent mode, so he won’t know who’s calling.”


I replied,


“We have a plan on how to get the flash drive from Daniel. If you can give me details of what time he’ll be out today, so we know that he will not be home when we try to retrieve the flash drive.”


“I think he’ll go to work today because he was here so early and brought me breakfast. What do you want me to do?”


Can you keep him for an hour or two? It will give us time to look around the apartment.”


“Yes, I think. I’ll ask him to stay here for lunch. Then you can proceed with your plan.”


“Okay. Send me a message if he is with you.”


“Yes, I will. Thanks, Andrea.”


“You’re welcome. I will text you if we have the retrieved the flash drive. Take care.”


I just hope that the plan we have will be successful. If we can have it, we can file a case against Daniel and have him imprisoned. He needs to be stopped. There should be no other victims to come after Rachel. All of his evil doings should finish as early as now.


“Hi.” A voice from behind said.


“Hi. So, you are done showering.” I said looking at his abs. “You are not naked. Why?” I asked.


“You want me to be entirely naked?" He asked. That was not the answer that I was waiting to hear, but there’s a hint of flirting in his voice.


“Uhm, no. I was just surprised because you said you are a dog, you are more comfortable being naked all the time.” I said. What a lame excuse.


“Well, yeah. That’s right. But every time I am naked, and I see you, I can’t help myself. So, to stop the temptation, I decided to wear the boxer shorts you bought for me.” He explained.


He was right. I, too. Every time I see him naked, I can’t help myself and give in to the temptation.


“Okay. I’ll take a shower, too.” I said.


“You should have told me. I should have waited for you.” He said with a smirk and winked his eye.


I can’t help but swoon over his gestures. It’s so hot, and it gives me butterflies again. But I just smirked at him, controlled myself and went straight to the shower. It took me an hour to finish showering. I can feel my body was heating up after he winked and smirked.


I got out of the shower, and he was on the bed watching television. He was watching a show about animals. It shows about the lives of safari cats.


“What does it feel when you can see cats on TV and seldom about dogs?” I asked.


“Nothing. They are cats. And cats are mean.” He said.


“You’re a dog. You even detest cats. What if I get a cat for a pet?” I said.


“No!” he screamed. Then he got up and caught me and lay me down on the bed.


“Don’t start it now, Pierce,” I said. “I talked to Rachel.”


“What did she say?” he asked.


“We just texted, she said Daniel was with her, and she doesn’t want to uncover our plans. She wants him to think that we don’t communicate. I asked her if she can hold Daniel for a couple of hours at lunch, so we can go to his apartment and be safe that he is not there.” I explained to him.


We planned our actions on how we will retrieve the flash drive. When I received a text message.


“Daniel’s here. I managed to persuade him to stay here for a couple of hours. I just told him that the doctor needs to explain some things.”


It was a text message from Rachel.


“Pierce. I think we need to go now.”


We got dressed and prepared to visit Daniel’s apartment and retrieve the flash drive.




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