My Dog, My Lover —— Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

The Truth Revealed


Author: Maybelle Casiple


“Pierce?!” I murmured.


He turned to look at me. It was indeed Pierce. A lot of questions are now inside my mind.


“Why? How?” I asked.


“Andrea, please, listen to me first.” He said.


He tried to touch me and hold my hand but brushed it off.


“How come you have a phone? And who is Ellie?” I asked.


One of the things that came to my mind is that he is one of those men who was born to break my heart. Another person that I gave my love but will hurt me in return.


“You are just a dog. Why did you have a phone?” I asked again.


“Andrea.” He said.


“No! Don’t call me. I want answers.” I demanded.


“Listen to me first. Please sit down. And calm down first.” He said.


I am calm down. Or am I? I noticed that my hands were trembling, and tears are starting to flow. I walked towards the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water and sat on the couch in the living room. I saw him followed me and was about to sit next to me, but I motioned him not to. So, he sat right across me.


“I’m listening. Explain.” I said roughly.


“Have you remembered the boy you used to play before?” he asked.


I just looked at him with a question in my eyes. Who the hell is he talking about and what does he need with my childhood memories?


“You used to play with a boy before. Blue eyes, British dad, British accent. That was I.” he said.


I was shocked by the revelation. I remembered that boy. I have dreamt of him for several times. And I recognized him, and he used to be my playmate.


His name was Joseph. He’s the child of my father’s best friend, Uncle John. He’s a British businessman who studied in the US where he met my father. They always visit us in the house, and they let us play every time they are here.


I remembered Joseph as the kid who has lost a tooth on his upper set of teeth and he was always mean to me. He would always get my toy doll and his robot. He always says that the robot was him and I am the doll. He would act as if they are getting married and told me that we would get married when we grow up.


For me as a kid, it was teasing, and I don’t want to get married to him. I always told him that I want to marry a handsome guy with a complete set of teeth, not like him. I want someone who treats me like a princess. Not like him who always makes me cry because he keeps taking my dolls and kisses them.


But even though we always fight, there are also moments that we are friends and that we hate to see each other away. He would sometimes cry and beg his dad to stay at our house so we can just play but he was never approved. So he asks his father to visit as always so just we can play.


We were six years old when we last met. It was winter, and we get to play outside the house where the snow was thick. We made a snowman and some snow angel. We played by throwing snowballs at each other. We had so much fun that day, and our parents just left us playing in the snow while they talk inside.


When we were called inside for some hot cocoa, we heard our fathers talked.


“I will have to bring Joseph to England. His mom is missing him and has asked me to bring him with me, and we’ll stay there.” His dad said.


“How long have they been separated?” My dad asked.


“Almost two years now. Because of Elizabeth’s sickness, the doctor advised that the kid should be kept away from her. Kids are susceptible to her sickness.” He answered.


“I brought along Joseph here, but he also needs to study. I have him homeschooled through an online program that the school was offering. That’s how he catch-up with his lessons. I also have to go back and personally handle the company. I plan to put up a company here in the US soon. When Joseph can handle it. But it’s better to start early. Soon, he’ll be running the company by himself.”


“Yeah. That’s right. But when will you be back here?” My dad asked.


“That’s a question I can’t answer. But I have to focus there. If I’ll be here, maybe for business travel. I’ll call you whenever I get here and send you emails.”


“We are going home to England soon,” Joseph said.


“So?” I asked.


“Are you going to miss me?”






“Because you always make me cry.”


“No, I don’t. I just want to make you laugh.”


“But you always tease me.”


“Because you don’t play with me. You always play alone.”


Then I kept quiet. After a few minutes, they left. I never knew that it would be the last time I will see him. I never forgot his name and his eyes. He will always be the Joseph that I played with when I was just a kid. A toothless blue-eyed boy that sometimes haunt my dreams.


“I am Joseph Pierce Turner. I am the blue-eyed boy you played with when you were six years old. I am the toothless boy who always makes you cry by teasing you.” Pierce said.


I was surprised that he is now the kid I used to play with. He turned out to be very handsome and hot. But he lied to me.


“You lied to me. Why?” I asked.


“I have always followed you, Andrea. I was here when your mom and dad died. I was not able to introduce myself because I thought you did not remember me. I have been here for three years now and have practiced my accent. I know your café. I was once a customer when you just started.”


“You can call me a stalker, but I always follow you whenever I can. I promised your dad that I would watch over you. Yes, your dad and I have been in contact when they were still alive. But I asked him not to tell you about me. I want to surprise you. But they met an accident.”


“I witnessed the time when you were heartbroken with Daniel. I was following you. I would like to introduce myself that time, but you were out that day. So I followed you. I followed you buying that food, those beers, and liquors. I was afraid you'd meet an accident. When you got home, I checked on you, but the rain poured so hard.”


“I found you slumped on the couch and you are very drunk. I was outside when you played with Pierce-the-dog’s manhood. And I told myself to play along. I entered your house without your consent. I opened your door lock and asked my driver to fix it. Thank goodness Pierce was a good dog, and he liked me. it was easy for us to kidnap a huge dog.”


“I was so wet that night that I decided to take off my clothes. I have no intention to lengthen the time of pretending that I am your pet, Pierce. It’s hard for me as well, but with what you are going through now, I don’t want to add to your stress.”


“You should have told me earlier!” I screamed. “You know I trusted you. I thought you would not hurt me, but you still did.”


I’m crying. This is more than the tears I cried when I caught Daniel cheating on me. I guess it’s hurtful when the person loves you the way you loved him.


“I’m sorry, Andrea. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t mean to lie.” He said.


Lie, he already did. He’s a liar and a cheater.


“But one thing I know the truth is, I love you. I have always loved you Andrea. You always have been  the woman I wanted to marry. That thought never changed. There’s no woman like you, Andrea.”


The sweet words are too sweet to hear, but I don’t want to believe it. But I feel it. I felt those words are true and I feel the same way, too.


“Where’s Pierce? Where’s my dog, Pierce?” I frantically asked him.


“He’ll be here soon. I have my driver sent him here.” He said.


“How do you switch from being human and dog?” I asked.


“I call my driver. He brings Pierce here, and I go to work.” He said.


“What’s your work?” I wanted to know more about him. I want to know him.


“The company you catered for the cake and other sweets last night, that’s my company.” He said.


This made me surprise more. That’s why he was not here when I got home yesterday. And he went to the shop after the event.


“Were you the guy from yesterday?” I asked.


“Yes, Andrea. I was the man you saw. I knew you are coming that’s why I told my driver to drive us away immediately. That’s why Pierce the dog was the one who greeted you.”


“So, you mean every time the dog is here you are working?”


“Yes, Andrea. I need to run the company. Dad is old now, and he wants to see the company prosper. Other than wanting to see me marry you.”


“Marry you?! Do you think I’ll marry you after you did this?” I said.


“I know I made a huge mistake, Andrea. But I am sincere. I have always loved you since we were kids.”


I want to change the topic.


“How did you know about Daniel’s files?” I asked trying to change the topic.


“His company is under my company’s umbrella. My finance team has been suspicious of the budget requests he asks for his projects. We don’t have any evidence to have him thrown out of the company. But with Rachel’s help, we have now a concrete evidence.”


“I called my assistant and called for an emergency meeting tomorrow and to discuss the finances and probably filing a case against him. I have forwarded that evidence to my lawyer.”


“You did all that?” I asked.


“Yes. Also, tell Rachel that she is safe. Other than the video, I called for his boss and talked about it. He said he already confessed to his wife but did not tell her who the girl is. He just said she had him fired. If ever Daniel will say anything about that, Rachel’s boss is willing to file a case against him, too.”


I did not know that he can do that. And he has a lot of companies, and one of them is where Daniel works. What are the odds?


“What will happen to Daniel?” I asked him.


“Daniel will be filed a case, but I think it will be bailable. If he’s got the right amount of money, he can bail. But if he doesn’t want to go to prison, he should return the money he steals or else he will need to be imprisoned. But that can be arranged.”


“Can be arranged?” I asked.


“Yes, it can be arranged. I am still the owner of the company he has stolen from and what kind of case to file is my decision.” He said.


“Can I ask something?”


“Yes, sure. What is it?”


“Can you not send him to prison if the money he returned is not everything he took? I know he has made a lot of mistakes, but he’s a good person. I know. Maybe there’s something that made him do what he did. You can fire him, block him from traveling abroad. But let him live a good life as well.”


I don’t know why I was pleading on Daniel’s behalf. But I know his past and imprisoning him will only worsen the situation. He might think of doing something in revenge to Pierce, and I don’t want it to happen. I just want him to learn his lesson in the most challenging way.


“I will think of it. I know you have a reason why you asked me about that. But I will see what will happen. I can’t promise you anything for now.” Pierce said.


There was silence between us. I don’t know what to say or if I want to say anything and ask anything. Then I heard his phone rang.


“Yes. Just bring him inside. Yeah. Thank you.”


I think he’s talking to his driver. Pierce is back! After a few minutes, the door opened, and I saw him brought Pierce on a leash.


“Pierce! Oh, Pierce. I missed you so much, buddy.”


I was kissing Pierce all over and again and again. I missed him so much. I know Pierce the human is different but Pierce the dog is the one that gave me the unconditional love I need.


“Andrea, can I visit you here?” he asked.


“No, not yet. Please. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive you for lying.” As I speak, my tears are falling to Pierce’s fur. I heard Pierce’s footsteps out of the house. I buried my face in Pierce’s coat. Not wanting for him to see me cry.


I hate to think that this will be our last goodbye.




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