My Dog, My Lover —— Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

True Love Wins


Author: Maybelle Casiple


It was a week now after the truth was revealed to me. After Pierce, who used to be my playmate, pretended to be Pierce, my dog. I remembered the times when he was still with me. He would make me breakfast. He will cuddle with me on the bed. I receive surprise kisses and hugs from behind. I was happy. I have never been happier in my life.


Today, I woke so early and my Pierce was sleeping beside me on my bed. He was no the Pierce with the six-packed abs, but he is hairy and has paws. I hugged Pierce tightly, and my tears started to fall.


“Why Pierce? He lied to me after I trusted him. He told me he loves me, but he chose to break my heart. Am I not allowed to be happy? Am I not allowed to experience true love?” I was like a crazy woman talking to her dog.


I got up and prepared my breakfast. I had cereals and orange juice. I don’t eat a regular breakfast anymore. Cooking just takes a lot of my time. I poured Pierce his food and changed his water. I went to shower and stayed there for an hour just standing under the water and crying.


I let the water drown my tears. I have never been so hurt in my life other than when my parents died. I never thought that I'd experience it again by loving someone. I planned to go to the shop early and check the reports and documents. I want to get up on my own and leave the hurt behind.


It was already nine in the morning when I arrive, and the shop is already opened. Alex was already there and talking to some of our staff.


“Hi, Andrea. You’re so early, and sad.” Alex said. I know she doesn’t mean anything. I looked at my reflection, and yes, my eyes show how sad I am.


“I just want to be here early to finish all the documents and other reports,” I said.


“Do you want coffee? A slice of cake or a cupcake?” She asked.


“Please give me a triple espresso. And the chocolate cake. I want to be alive today.” I answered.


“Okay, I will have them ready and sent to your office,” Alex said.


“Thanks, Alex.”


I don’t care what they think, but for the past week, I noticed that I have been like this, sullen, weak and hurt. I want to be happy again. But the memories that hurt me keep dragging all the happiness down.


I can’t concentrate reviewing the documents I need to review and approve. I called Rachel to divert my attention for a while.


“Hello. Hi, Rach. Yeah, I called to check on you. How have you been? Yeah. Got any news about Daniel? I’m at the shop now Maybe you can come by here, and we can talk. Okay. See you later.”


After her accident, this would be the first time Rachel is going out. She has been staying with her parents for the meantime to protect her against Daniel if he ever plans to do something to her.


It was almost lunch when Rachel arrived. I let her into my office, and we talked there.


“So how have you been?” I asked.


“I’m getting better. Staying at Mom and Dad’s is a lot better. I don’t have to do the chores for now, and I feel secure against Daniel.” She answered.


“That’s great. What happened to him?”


“One of his colleagues said that he was sacked from his job for stealing money from the company. They sent him to jail, but he was able to bail out. He said that Daniel was able to return the money he has stolen, but the previous ones cannot be returned. He said he invested them in a company. And guess what? He invested it in the company that is under the umbrella of Silver Lighting.”


“Really? So it’s a win-win for the company. He just returned the money to them.” I said.


“Yeah. Do you know who is the owner of that large company?” She asked.


I looked at her. I wanted to deny, but I don’t know how. Of course, they are all owned by Pierce. And business mogul at a very young age.


“Who?” I asked pretending that I don’t know.


“Don’t deny it, Andrea. You know who owns them.” She said.


“Yeah. Joseph Pierce Turner.” I said.


“Yeah! It’s your boyfriend who owns them all!” She said. I think she is surprised to know that Pierce owns them all. For a young man like him, it’s like impossible to own such a huge business. But for a brain like his, it’s not impossible.


He is intelligent. He finished his education at Harvard, a Ph.D. and knew five different language that he speaks fluently. I don’t know if he knows the dog language by heart. I’m just crazy. I can’t still get him out of my mind.


“Where is he? Have you been living together?” She eagerly asked.


“No, Rach. Nothing is going on between us.” I said as I sipped my coffee. A new cup I requested from them. This time a lighter flavored hazelnut cappuccino.


“You’re kidding me.” She said.


Every time someone asks me about Pierce and I answer them that nothing is going on, nobody believes me. I always tell them that Pierce has nothing to do with me and I have nothing to do with him. But I guess I’m a terrible liar.


For a short time we’ve been together, he has shown me love and respect. He made me feel a woman wanted by a man who truly loves her. I want to brush off the idea that I need him and I want to be with him because I love him. I don’t want him to think that I am too weak and will go pleading for his love. But I was the one who let him go. I was the one who told him to go out of my life. Now I am the one regretting.


I can’t stop myself, and I just cried. I told Rachel everything. I told her how Pierce the dog became human, how I discovered his secret. I told her how I love him and how he made me feel loved and complete. I know of all people Rachel will understand. Although she was skeptical to the dog-to-human part, after I explained her, she seemed to believe it.


“I think he loves you. He will not go to that extent of doing something crazy just to protect you and love you. No man in their right state of mind would stalk you where ever you go just to make sure you got home safe. And no guy has ever been loyal and faithful to a woman. All except Pierce.” Rachel said.


“He promised you something when you were little kids. And he held on to that promise. He promised your dad that he would protect you, and I think he always does. Even after you shove him out of your life.” She continued.


“Do you love him, Andrea?” She asked.


“Of course, I do.” I admitted.


“Do you love him enough to forgive him of what he has done?”


“He has done nothing that made me love him less. He lied, yes. But you know me, I can easily forgive a person.” I answered.


“That’s it. You love him, but your ego is telling you not to forgive him. Let go of the ego, Andrea. But don’t let go of the person you love. Ego will always be there and ready to ruin any relationship, but the person you love, you should never, ever let him go.”


What Rachel said made me realized that I have been self-centered. She’s right. I can be full of pride sometimes, and it is time for me to let go of the pride. If I want to be happy, I need to be free from pride and accept everything humbly.


I have decided to go to Pierce’s office and talk to him. I want to apologize and if we can have a second chance. I asked Rachel to go with me but told me that she’ll wait in the lobby and that I should do it on my own.  That’s a friend. I laughed. But she’s right.


We arrive at his building, and it was huge. I asked the receptionist that I need to see Pierce.


“Hi. May I know where is Pierce’s office?” I asked.


“May I know your name, Ma’am?” she asked.


“It’s Andrea Jordan.”


“Do you have an appointment with him?”


“Uhm, no. but please tell him that it’s very important.”


“Okay, Ma’am. Please wait for a while as I inform his executive assistant.”


I was standing there waiting for a reply. My hands are trembling and I can feel my fingers are fidgety. It feels like forever before they let me see Pierce.


“Please, let me see Pierce. This is so important. I need to speak with him.” I thought to myself.


“Ma’am. He will see you now. He’s office is on the tenth floor. Just go straight ahead after you get off of the elevator. You will see his office.” His staff said.


“Thank you.”


Then I rushed to the elevator. I don’t want to miss a single minute. I sent Rachel a message that I am going to Pierce’s office.


As I wait for the elevator, my heart was beating so fast. My hands are trembling. I am not sure if it’s excitement or fear that he will reject me. As I was inside the elevator, there are other people inside. Some of them are stopping at other levels, and every time the elevator stops, I can feel my heart stops as well.


Then I was alone. I am heading straight to the tenth floor, and I will be seeing the man that I love. The elevator stopped. I looked ahead of me. I saw his office. It has letterings in gold and says “Office of the President.” I walked straight ahead and saw his assistant.


“Hi. I am here to see Pierce.” I said.


“Miss Jordan?” She asked.




“He’s waiting for you inside. Let me guide you.”


Yes, I need you to guide me. I might collapse if I go alone. As she opened the door, I saw Pierce talking to two men.


“Mr. Turner, Miss Jordan is here to see you.”


Then I saw him looked our way. He was so handsome. If you have watched romantic movies when a guy sees a girl he loves, everything just goes in slow motion; the same thing happened to me.


“Thank you, gentlemen. We’ll talk again about this next time.” He said as he shakes hands with them.


The men were smiling. I think they had a good conversation and as they passed by me, they also smiled at me.


“Thank you, Ellie.” He said to his assistant.


“Hi,” I said.


“Hi.” He said.


There was silence between us. I think we both don't know what to say. But I gathered up all the courage I can and asked him.


“How are you?” I asked.


We are like little kids. Or teens trying to get to know each other.


“I’m good but lonely. I have been missing you, Andrea. I have always wanted to apologize to you for lying. But I am too scared that you will throw me out of your life. I haven’t gathered up the courage to show myself to you again.” He explained.


My eyes are starting to swell up and teary as I listen to him.


“No, Pierce. I should be the one to apologize to you. I understand how you wanted to protect me and I know that’s just what you wanted to do. I have been consumed by my pride and did not want to admit that I need you, and I want you in my life. Whether a dog or a human.” I admitted.


I saw him smile.


“I know you prefer the human.” He said jokingly.


I answered him with a shy smile.



Start again, I don’t know how he will do it, but we need to start again.


“Hi, I am Joseph Pierce Turner.” He said as he lay out his hand to shake.


“I’m Andrea Jordan.” And took his hand to shake.


We shook hands then he pulled me closer to him and grabbed me by the waist. He then leaned closed to me and kissed me.


“I love you, Andrea.” He said.


“I love you, too, Pierce,” I answered.


His hands were crawling around my back, and I know what it means.


“No, Pierce. Not here.” I said.


“I miss you so much.” He said.


“I miss you, too.”


“I will never let you go, Andrea.” He said.


“I will not let go, Pierce.” Then an idea popped into my head.


“Let’s have dinner tonight. I will cook you something. And I want to introduce you to my dog, Pierce.” I told him. He laughed.


“Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll bring wine.” He said.


“Rachel is with me. She’s waiting in the lobby. I’ll drive her home. She stays with her parents.”


“Say hi to her. Tell her that she’s safe from Daniel. I have arranged for my lawyer to process a restraining order for you and her. He should not be near you at any cost.” He said.


“Okay, I’ll tell her. Don’t forget the dinner tonight, okay?”


“Yes, I won’t. I’ll bring the wine and celebrate. This time you need not wish for Pierce to become human.” He said teasingly.


I kissed him and said that I'd be going. But he insisted that he’ll go with me and formally meet with Rachel. I officially introduced them and Rachel even apologized. After that, we went shopping for tonight’s dinner.


I plan for us to have steak and some beans on the side and a vegetable salad. I will bake a cake for dessert.


It was seven in the evening when he arrived. I introduced him to Pierce, and the two Pierces like each other a lot. As they play, I prepared the table for us. I have prepared food for Pierce-the-dog too. He’s dining with us.


That night was so special. Pierce and I are together again, and this time I won’t worry when he’ll be a dog or a human. He’ll stay human forever. Then the most unexpected thing happened.


“Andrea, I know I promised you something when we were little kids. And I want to make that promise true.” He said.


He got up from his seat and stood beside me. He took something out of his pocket and kneeled on one knee.


“Andrea Jordan, will you marry me?” he asked.


He showed me the ring inside the box, and it was twinkling. I was surprised and did not expect the least that he will propose. I was crying. I was crying because I am thrilled.


“YES!” I answered.


We were laughing as he put on the ring in my hand. My hand was trembling. Then he kissed my hand after he put the ring on it. He stood up, and I stand too. He hugged me and kissed me. Pierce, the dog, saw us and barked with glee. The three of us were celebrating as we enter a new chapter in our life.


My life has experienced a lot of ups and downs, but happiness follows. In a few days, I will soon become Mrs. Joseph Pierce Turner. I will be married to the person that came to my life, unexpectedly.




——————- END OF STORY ——————




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