Your Love Life in 2018 Based On Your Birth Month

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Love is the most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone. It is an incredibly powerful word that whenever someone says it, you suddenly feel the meaning of it.


When you love a person, you do it unconditionally, with no limits or conditions. It’s when you trust them with your life and when you would do anything for each other. It’s supporting your other half to achieve their goals and dreams and be there every step of the way; through bad times and good times.


If you haven’t found that person, then 2018 must be the year that you will!


Here is the love-life that is waiting for you, based on the month that you were born!



January babies are hard workers. Although people admire them for it, the person they will fall for in 2018 will be the one to always remind them that there is more to life than work. They will admire you for your hard work and perseverance, support you even, but they will also make sure that you will be able to relax and care for yourself.



People born on this month will fall unexpectedly for someone they already know. They will only realize this by 2018, though. They will pique February baby’s interest and make them feel more relaxed. They will love them for their energy and encourage them to express their selves better and be more spontaneous.



March babies will fall for someone who will cater their needs. Someone who will pamper and spoil them without expecting anything in return. They will fall hard and fast for this person.



You are always conscious about people being intimidated by your persona. You can easily express your opinions on different topics and you are firm on your answers. In 2018, you will fall for a person who you don’t have to be self-aware with. He/She will find being expressive as your best quality.



May babies likes adventure and therefore likes to travel and be everywhere all at once. This may be an issue to your past lovers but this 2018, you will find a person who will be your anchor. Who will keep you grounded but free all at the same time.



People born on the month of June are dubbed as clowns. They have the best sense of humor. But deep down, they are very insecure and vulnerable. In 2018, you will find a person who will see you, not just on the outside but also on the inside as well. They will make you feel comfortable enough and make you open up to them about anything that makes you feel insecure and vulnerable.



You are a very sociable person. You have a lot of friends but somehow, you don’t easily find romance. In 2018, you’ll suddenly feel a spark with someone you never thought you’d have feelings for. You will fall hard and fast for this person and just because of their presence, you will feel inspired and refreshed.



Born a natural leader, you tend to be oozing with confidence and will get whatever you want. But this 2018, you will find a person who will call you out whenever you are wrong, but also respects and cherishes your opinion at the same time. They will be the one to anchor you into not being overconfident and do everything your way.



You’ve been hurt by previous lovers before. Because of this, you tend to close of and not expose yourself too much to them. You also tend to break up with people whenever you feel like you’re in too deep. But then in 2018, you will fall for someone who will make you feel that they’re are worth every pain that you might face. They will never make you feel overwhelmed with your deep emotions towards them.



You are one of the people who cherishes their individuality. You’re afraid of finding a partner because you might lose yourself if you love them too much. But next year, you will find a person who you can share your personalities with and encourage you that it’s okay to be yourself. You will be able to work as a couple, but be your own person at the same time.



You are intelligent, creative and energetic. Because of this, you might find it hard to look for someone who would not be intimidated by you. In 2018, you will find someone who can keep up with you and will not make you feel like they’re holding you down.



You like to be in control and can sometimes be uptight. In 2018, you will find a person who will not judge you for being practical and rational. Instead, they will help you in being in control but having fun at the same time. They will encourage you to be more adventurous and spontaneous and knows how to make you laugh when you need it.



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