Couple Have Two Children with Down Syndrome and Say Sunny Kids Are a Sheer Joy

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From this kind of stories, we learn that disability does not prevent you from living a life full of joy and making a meaningful contribution to the society.


Amy and Ben Wright already had two children when Amy got pregnant with their third in 2004. Doctors ran a few tests and told the couple that the child might be born with Down syndrome. When Wrights’ son was born, doctors confirmed their initial diagnosis. The Wrights were scared at first, because they did not know much about the syndrome and had no idea how it will affect their son’s life.



13 years later, the Wrights are a happy family of six — they also have a daughter Bitty, who has Down syndrome too. They have learned a lot about bringing up special children, and now they know that there is a reason why kids with this syndrome are called ‘sunny.’ The couple has had their fair share of difficulties: finding information about the syndrome, a school that would accept their son and daughter, and parents who had children with the same diagnosis was not easy. However, being parents of sunny children is a sheer joy — they are so full of love, and there is no evil in them.



Beau and Bitty are growing up so fast, and that made Amy and Ben think about their future as adults. What worries them most is the fact that 85 per cent of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities are unemployed. Thus, the couple came up with an idea to open a café, staffed exclusively with intellectually and developmentally disabled employees.


The couple was pleasantly surprised by the support they received from the public and TV personality Rachel Ray. Because of all the attention the place was getting on social media, there were soon long lines, with people standing even outside the café. The Wrights decided to expand their business to a bigger location, 40 staff members, as well as give the café a new name: Bitty & Beau’s. For many people who work at Bitty &Beau’s, this job is their first one.


Matt Dean, aged 27, is the Director of First Impressions at Bitty & Beau’s and is autistic. It is not his first job, but it is the first workplace that allows him to communicate with customers. Amy and Ben say that he has excellent people skills. Dean said: “In previous jobs, I had no one my age to work with, and no one to chat with, and no customer service experience. Here, I have all that and a bag of chips… I wouldn’t change it for the world”.


The Wrights are so happy and proud of what they have managed to achieve. They provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to have a different life and feel needed and respected. “The people who work here are celebrities”, Amy said. “The staff has a sense of respect they have never had in their lives”.



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