Complete Guide on How to Change Your Life for the Better in Just One Month

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Everyone has their own ups and downs, which are an inevitable part of this roller coaster called life.  It is important to understand that no self-help books or counseling can help unless you take matters into your own hands.  You have the power and the inability to understand this stops you from having a good and purposeful life.


Week 1: Journal and Set Your Intentions

1. During the first week of you “new” life, get up at least half an hour earlier in order to journal a few pages each morning. Write anything that comes to your mind, even if it seems stupid and trivial.


2. Use this journaling to set out your new goals and intentions for what you plan to change. Consider new activities you are interested in doing in the future as well.  You will be extremely surprised by the benefits of this simple act of putting things on paper.


3. Avoid electronic devices in the morning hours. Checking the cell phone first thing upon waking up is not an option!



Week 2: Clean Up Your Space, Mind, and Your Diet

1. Get organized! Clean out your closet, sort out things, and declutter your room. Having a clean environment helps reduce anxiety and stress, allowing you to feel much calmer and peaceful.


2. Eliminate processed foods from your diet. While this may seem a bit difficult in the beginning, it is worth it! Adding healthy recipes to your diet, such as green smoothie or a salad is a good idea, too.


3. Take a walk or read a book instead of watching TV in the evening. This simple habit will help you feel much better and calmer.



Week 3: Cut Ties to Friendships and Things That No Longer Serve You

1. We all have at least one friend who drags us down. It is important to stop seeing them, stop making plans with them, and stop pursuing them out of loneliness only. Staying in an unhealthy friendship is not an option!


2. At this point, you need to stop unhealthy addictions, whether it is smoking, drinking so often, or watching too much TV.


3. Swap your addictions for healthy activities like swimming, yoga, running, hiking, etc. Replace coffee and alcohol with tea or green juice and you will feel better in no time.



Week 4: Cut the Shit and Live the Life You’ve Always Imagined

1. Start making plans, set dates and save money! This will help you make them happen. Whether it`s a short trip or visiting a place you have always wanted, making plans motivates you to make them happen.


2. Don’t waste time in an unhealthy relationship. Make a move as soon as possible as staying in something out of fear is not an excuse.


3. Take chances, take risks, and face your fears! Learn piano, a foreign language, try out a new haircut, and anything else that will help you step out of your comfort zone.



Based on the materials from Seize Positivity




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