Know The Significance Of Washing Bed Linen And Other Clothing Items Every Week

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How frequently we wash and change bed linen, towels, and other clothing items always vary in every home. There’s no rule stating when these things should be changed and washed. Nevertheless, even there’s no law, there are certain things we must know in order to come up with the right decision.



Bed Sheets

Bed sheets can be a home of dead skin cells, fungus, dust ticks, fecal matter, and animal fur. That’s why it’s suggested to change it every 7 days. Bed sheets should also be washed in warm water and dried in direct sunlight.




Even if it doesn’t have the same contact with our body as a blanket, it’s suggested to wash this item once per month.




We can change the bedspreads and wash it with every change of season.




Don’t use your pajamas for more than 7 days. Remember that this item of clothing has a direct contact with our body and skin. Keeping it clean is important.




Towels are very delicate because it directly dries our body. That’s why towels must be changed every 4 days. In certain circumstances, they may have to be changed more frequently. For example, if we use the towel for physical exercise.



Bath Mats

Bath mats are the impeccable breeding ground for mold, so they should be changed every 5 days.




It’s suggested to replace toothbrush every 3 months to avoid contaminations. It’s also significant to keep them clean.




If you thought that a sponge lasts up to a month, then you’re wrong. It should be changed every week or else they become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.



Tea Towels

Even though it depends on how often they’re used, tea towels should be washed once per week.

Now that you already know when to wash and change these things try to follow these directions to keep your home clean and for you to stay healthy.

Based on materials from Fabiosa

Illustrated by Leo Alvarado for Meow Gag


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