11 Things Every STRONG WOMAN Has Stopped Giving Attention To For A Long Time Ago

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Life seems like a rollercoaster ride and it’s continuously giving some nasty curves. Nevertheless, if you’re one of those tough women out there, then these are the things you stopped giving a damn for a long time ago.


1. Who you sleep with

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The things you love doing between the sheets and the people you do it with is nobody’s concern but yours. You live your life the way you want it and you never give those covetous scavengers the pleasure they want.



2. The way you dress


You never let anyone tell you ‘Are you really going to wear that?’ You’re free to rock your mom jeans whenever you want it. Those miniskirts that make your legs sexy or the oversized granny-sweater that you really love.


Who says you have to follow the trends? What important is that you’re comfortable!



3. Other people’s opinion about you


Stop beating yourself over other people’s opinion about you. People will always be nasty and they will never stop judging you. So the moment projects their hate on you, just remember this: ‘What Susie says of Sally says more of Susie than of Sally.’ Live it and learn it!



4. What your ex is doing


He’s in the past for a purpose. Thus, if you are planning to get on with your life, focus on being happy and you just have to let it go.



5. Trying to fit in EVERYWHERE


Some people waste their whole lives making an effort to fit in the crowd without recognizing that they might be actually exceptional and unfitting. Take this in a positive way. Why would you be wanted to be just another sheep among millions of sheep? It makes sense, right?



6. Having the ‘perfect body’


All of us dream about the perfect shaped and smoking-hot body. Nevertheless, you have to stop being obsessed with losing weight by starving yourself. It’s not healthy and it won’t make you happier. ENJOY your uniqueness and your perfect shape. Keep in mind that you’re BEAUTIFUL!



7. Toxic people that aren’t worthy of being part of your life


When the last drop makes the glass runoff, you have to brace yourself and take control of your life. You must learn how to remove nasty vampires from your life and stop putting up with their drama!


You must protect your wellbeing from any harm. Don’t be scared of standing alone. After all, who needs those people who’ll only be around while you’re handy to them?



8. What people post on social media


Since the World Wide Web is kind of everybody’s best friend at the present time, you are familiar that there are people like this. You can see tremendously arrogant and extraordinarily anxious humans on the internet.


You should do yourself a favor. Ignore the hell out of these people. Unfollow button isn’t there for no reason.



9. Your past mistakes


There’s nothing you can probably do to change the events happened in the past. This, you don’t have to regret wrong-doings. In fact, if weren’t for them, you might not even be here.



10. The future

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Similar to the past, there’s no legit way to find out what your future is going to be like and there’s no necessity either. You just have to concentrate on accomplishing the best in this moment and everything else will be responsible for taking care of itself.



11. Everything else that you won’t be capable of controlling


You must stop stressing yourself over the things you obviously can’t control. Whether it’s someone’s personality, their viewpoints, the weather, growing old, gas rates, taxes, what others think of you and a lot more than you can’t control.


The only thing you have control is how you react to everything that happens to you. You can control your attitude and you can decide what you’re going to do about a certain scenario.


If you were able to do all of these, you will surely go to places. TRUE HAPPINESS comes only from within, so must really make an effort to search for it!


Based on materials from Curious Mind Magazine




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