Put Your Hands Together And Know What Your Palm Lines Reveal About Your Love Life

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The practice of Palmistry originated in South-East Asia and it has been prevalent in India, China, Tibet, and nearby areas. With analyzing the lines on a person’s palms, the practitioners can foretell what the future has in store for them.


Apart from that, it’s easy to know about their love and marriage life by Palmistry by simply placing their palms together. Afterwards, they just have to classify the position of their palm lines.


Are you curious to know about the future of your love life? If yes, let’s do this fun exercise.


To know what’s ahead of you, position the palms of your right and left hand together in front of you. Afterwards, compare the palm lines right below the fingers.





This is how the lines are interpreted:


#1: The line on the left is higher

If the palm line on the left palm is higher than the right, it basically means that you are a fighter for love. You are passionate and brave enough to fight for your love. Additionally, it signifies that you are blessed with beauty.



#2: The line on the right palm is higher

If the line on the right palm is higher than the left, it only signifies that you are an old soul who feels relaxed with the presence of older people. Therefore, when it comes to marriage, you most probably marry a person older to you.


You are not the type of person who will abide by the traditional way of thinking. Truthful and straightforward, you can see through a person no matter in how they present themselves to you.



#3: Both the lines are perfectly aligned and they show a perfect curve:

If both the lines are seamlessly aligned and they form a perfect curve, it means you have a childish heart. You are a sympathetic person. Your compassion touches others and people hinge on you when they need someone to listen to their pain. You will always pick a partner who is accepted by your family and friends.


You feel uncomfortable by any modification in your life. Be it major or minor but no matter what transpires, you fight through the hindrances and in the end, you arise as a better and stronger person.


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Based on materials from The Minds Journal

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