Study Shows Husbands Stress Their Wives Twice as Much as Kids

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Nowadays, a large number of women feel like they are left to parent their partners rather than relying on their support with family life. Moreover, left to play maid, chef, nurse, teacher, chauffeur, correctional officer, and special events coordinator, many mothers feel like they are running out of steam, particularly if they also have a job.


Husbands Stress Their Wives Twice as Much as Their Kids


Unluckily, for a number of women, as demanding as motherhood could be, their partners could have a greater impact on their stress levels. Namely, Today carried out a survey of approximately 7,000 mothers that showed that the average mother rates her levels of stress 8.5 out of 10. Also, forty-six percent of mothers say that their partners are causing more stress compared to their children.


In addition, researchers also found that:


  • One in every five mothers claims that she doesn’t have enough help from their husbands, which can be a great source of stress on a daily basis.
  • Three in every four mothers with partners note that they do most of the household and parenting duties.
  • Most mothers stress about not having enough time to do what should be done.


Additionally, researchers at the University of Padova concluded that when husbands lose their female partners, their health starts deteriorating, whereas when wives lose their male partners, they cope with stress very well and become healthier. Researchers concluded it was because the husbands relied more heavily on their wives than vice versa.


Here Is Why Husbands Stress Their Female Partners Out




Men Could Step Up More

Wives expect equal support from their husbands to take care of their families; things such as homework duties, doctor appointments, etc. However, even in families where both partners work full-time, it is common for the wives to be left with these responsibilities.


Solution: In case you realize you and your husband do not have an even split of at-home responsibilities, you should talk with him about the problem. In case it helps, you should make a list together of all of the small things that should be done each week. Start a shared calendar that you and your husband could easily access on your computers and phones, so nobody should be worried about forgetting an important date.


Women Can Step Back More

There are always 2 sides to a story. Of course, it is easy to blame your partner for not taking more responsibility at home. However, they actually want to be the best husband and father they can be. The problem may be that women don’t completely trust their husbands to take on more.


Solution: Women often have amazing visions for their kids as well as their family. However, in case they aren’t executed exactly right, it may seem easier to do things themselves instead of asking their partners to step in. Try to resist the temptation and value your own time to re-charge as well as care for yourself.


Partners Don’t Spend Enough Quality Time Together

Once the flurry of parenthood begins, most parents put their relationship on the back-burner. However, this isn’t how a relationship works! Keep in mind that you aren’t just parents, you are also partners. If you and your partner nurture a loving relationship, then it’ll make a great difference in the short and long run.


Solution: Spend more quality time with your partner each week without any distractions, children or work. It may help you face those days when the only thing you want to do is cry, scream or hide somewhere with some comfort food. This means that your children and your partner will benefit from your family being founded on a healthy relationship.



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