5 Early Warning Signs That You Have Developing Cancer Tissues Inside Your Body

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Cancer has been recognized as one of the most deadly diseases in the world. As a matter of fact, even chemotherapy, a treatment for cancer, is agonizing as it kills the good and bad cells inside the body


This illness can consume a person and everything he/she has. Since they have the capability to do so, they will seek medical treatment. Unluckily, even with the best doctors don’t guarantee that cancer patients can be cured. Just in case they were cured, there’s no assurance that cancer cells will not grow back again.


With that, it’s extremely important that people observe certain and even the simplest symptoms. Also, here are the five early warning signs telling of cancer:



1. Lower Back Pain

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Often times, people can really feel pain the lower portion of their back because of bad posture. It can also be caused by the position that the body has to get used to in that specific condition. But then, lower back pain can also be an early sign and an indicator of cancer.


Possibly, it is due to the emerging breast tumor or a liver cancer. Just in case you feel it more often than the normal, you have to visit a doctor and seek medical assistance in order to rule out any symptoms of cancer.



2. Unexpected Weight Gain and Stomach Growth


One of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is unanticipated stomach bloating and weight gain even without any important reason to be found. Just in case you unexpectedly gain weight which is paired with constant bloating, it is better to visit your doctor. This is to be sure if what happening is normal, or a sign of cancer.



3. Persistent Cough

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Take some safety measures because long coughs and consistent pain in the chest may be telling you to visit your doctor. If you’re suffering from cough for a very long time and it is associated with chest pain, then this may be a sign of leukemia or an emerging tumor in the lungs.



4. Difficulty in Breathing

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If you find it really hard to breathe and you can really notice that there are times that your breathing is too noisy; then, there might be something wrong with you.  This can be one of the symptoms of lung cancer so you better take it earnestly.



5. Recurrent Infections and Swollen Nodes



Some leukemia patients have agonized from these kinds of symptoms in the beginning of this disease. They have experienced recurrent of both infection and fever.  Furthermore, swelling of the lymph nodes may also transpire if your body is developing leukemia. Typically, it can be seen in the neck area or even in the armpits.


If these symptoms happen to you, there are chances that this might be the beginning of cancer. Nonetheless, it is advised that you pay a visit to your doctor to rule out cancer.


Based on materials from Readers and Digest Health



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