Know Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Idea Based On Their Zodiac Sign’s

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Your Zodiac can reveal a lot about you. In fact, even your idea of perfect Valentine’s Day can be divulged through your sign.



In case Aries receive a huge bouquet of flowers from a total stranger, they’ll find it creepy and exciting at the same time.




A relative you’ve never met and heard of passing away leaves you a full $200 million fortune. This will guarantee that by next Valentine’s Day you have a boyfriend.




You want drinks after drinks and then a few more rounds of drinks just to wash it all down. You just wanted to get drunk and forget about Valentine’s Day and, hopefully, your heartbreak in general.




Chocolate milkshakes that’s accompanied by a chocolate pie, then an assortment of fine chocolates, all of it topped off by a piping-hot mug of hot chocolate. Once your tummy has been steady, you’ll need more chocolate.




You would want to see two guys fighting for the right to claim you as their Valentine. That “fighting,” means these two guys will just rip off their shirts and bare-knuckled brawled in the streets just to be your Valentine.




Just one sweet kiss while standing on a bridge holding hands and watching as the city lights sparkle on the river water below. Just in case, it’s possible for you to ask for just one more thing that will be no more acne. Never once again ever in your life, and you hope to live a very long life.




You wanted to see the sunrise and the sunset and do nothing in between. You just want to stay in bed, tracking the sun’s movements. You won’t feel like you’ve wasted a minute.




You wanted a bottle of wine, a table, and a violin player…at lakeside with swans. Sitting across the table is the boy you’ve been crushing on, who’s wearing a tuxedo and he’s holding a ring.




You would want to meet some random guy at a bar, go with him to a motel, and get banged so hard that you wind up needing glasses. It has been a long winter, right? And you have your needs.




Just one Valentine’s card and that’s all. You need one sign that somebody cares enough to get you a card. All you need is just one little pink-and-red Valentine’s Day card to lift you out of this mid-winter sadness. That’s really all it would take to make you contented.




You wind up having s*x with the pizza delivery guy. Yeah, the whole scene is as cheesy as one of those fake letters to the editor in porn magazines. But yeah, you’re all by yourself on Valentine’s Day and you order a pizza. Well, just take a look at this pizza guy and he takes a look at you




You want a big steak dinner near a roaring fireplace, even if you don’t eat steak and don’t like fireplaces that much. You want to do something courageous, substantial and maybe even a little bloody.



REMEMBER: This is just for fun! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Based on materials from Thought Catalog





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