Want A Flat Stomach? Try These 6 Fat-Burning Moves Using A Chair Now!

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Most of the time we keep thinking of getting fitter and exercising, but the lack of time and hectic schedule is always coming our way. Work really takes the maximum time of our life, and we end up sitting too much while staring at the computer screen.


Sedentary lifestyle brings about a decline in health and it causes obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. With that, it is important to devote at least 5 minutes a day of physical exercises.


Here are 6 exercises from an expert trainer Denise Austin and you can perform these while sitting in your office chair.  Moreover, there are no set recommendations for the number of repetitions. Do as many as it feels at ease.






Pull your knee in and take it down, first right and then left one. When doing it, keep your back straight, and squeeze your abdominal muscles.




Now engage both of your knees at the same time. Holding on to the chair pull your knees in and out, concentrating on contracting your abs. This exercise includes the whole tummy.




Pull your knees to the right side, and then to the left. Feel your side muscles stretch and contract.




Put your hands up and rotate your upper body from side to side. This is a nice move for better circulation for your waistline and for keeping your spine mobile and flexible.




Reach your right arm to the left ankle and your left arm to the right ankle. Keep your feet flat on the floor and twist your body.




To finish the workout routine lift your body holding on to your chair’s armrests, and pull both knees in, squeezing your abs! This work out is an advanced one, so if you want to challenge yourself, give it a try.


Do you know other exercises to have a flat stomach? Please share with us in the comment section below!


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