This Circle Test Will REVEAL A LOT About YOUR PERSONALITY – Try This Out!

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The way you draw a circle on the triangle can divulge a lot about your character. The triangle signifies human beings and the circle denotes how you conduct your connections with them. Are you ready? Let’s start!




#1: Circle within the triangle indicates that you’re a sympathetic and warm-hearted person:

This means that you’re a warm-hearted and fostering person. You’re always there to help someone who’s in needs. You receive unfamiliar persons with a smile. Your family and friends love you and hinge on you a lot. Since you illustrated the circle in the middle, it signifies that you’re always bounded by human beings. You’re very social but you keep your private life a reserved affair but then, you have a close group with whom you share your life.



#2: Circle on the top of the triangle indicates that you’re a peaceful and confident person:

Positioning the circle on the top of the triangle shows that you’re conscious of the world around you. You’re not tremendously disconnected from your peers and you’re not too tangled with them, either. You’re confident and concentrated on your own work. You’re well-regarded by many because of the fascinating things you’re doing. You don’t essentially go around mingling or bonding with people from time to time. You recognize your priorities. You do have quite a good number of supporters!



#3: Circle around the triangle signifies that you’re a very protective person:

You’re always there for people no matter how long you know them. From unfamiliar persons to your loved ones, you jump into assisting them without thinking about the consequences. You’re a guardian to people around you. People come to you for counsels and whenever they need someone to talk to, they always remember you. You’re particularly loyal as well as cleverer than others.



#4: A semi-circle around the top of the triangle denotes that you’re a very cheerful and supportive person:

You’re the ultimate cheerleader! You always inspire other people in whatever they do. You feel happy when others flourish. The word ‘jealousy’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary. You’re optimistic and can even make low-spirited situations livelier. You boost other people’s confidence and a lot of people in town know you.


Based on materials from The Minds Journal





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