You May Be Surprised by Some of These 10 Qualities of an Ideal Man, According to Science!

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Everybody has their own criteria for their 'dream man' but scientists have recently revealed that there are certain characteristics which definitely contribute to attractiveness. Think of your ideal man and maybe, just maybe, you will notice they have all of these qualities. 


Some of these are obvious and some surprising but here are the 10 qualities that science says contributes to attractiveness. 



1. Thick eyebrows and a square chin


No need for men to do any manscaping to eyebrow trimming! A square chin and thick eyebrows are the classic traits of a masculine man. Science says that women look for these features when they are considering a long-term relationship. 



2. Playing a musical instrument


A scientific experiment was recently conducted where the same man approached women asking for their phone number. There were three different situations, he was either carrying a backpack, a guitar or empty-handed. When carrying the guitar, 35% of woman gave him their phone number, when empty-handed, 14% of woman would give away their phone number and with a backpack, only 9% of women shared their phone number. Moral of the story? Book those guitar lessons you've been thinking about! 



3. Scars


When shown pictures of men with and without facial scarring, most women would choose a man with a scar! Most women assume it is a result of violence and scars that were presumed to be from a bullet wound ranked higher than scars that were from a bicycle fall. 



4. Beard


Scientists recently conducted a fascinating experiment to determine the effect of facial hair on a man's attractiveness. Women were asked to rank men with different facial hairstyles. They ranked men who were clean shaven, with a light stubble, with thick stubble (10 days of growth) and with a beard and it was determined that most women ranked men with think stubble as the most handsome. This can be linked to the association with maturity and masculinity. 



5. Pets


"If a man has a pet he will be able to care for a family". According to science, this is the thought process most women follow and the reason that men with pets are considered more attractive. 



6. A sense of humor


This one may seem obvious but we needed to find the science to back it up so we discovered an experiment that proved the theory. Two men sat at a table in a bar and the one told a joke, he then approached a girl at the table next to them and asked for her number. The repeated this process with a different girl but the man that didn't tell the joke approached her. They repeated this over 60 TIMES! The result was that women were 5x more likely to give their number to the man that had told the joke. We always knew a sense of humor was sexy!



7. Age


This one might be surprising to you but if given the choice between a handsome man and a man that is a bit older, most women would choose the latter! Because age does not necessarily affect fertility and with age, they are considered more confident, independent and mature, women prefer slightly older men. Scientists call this the George Clooney effect! 



8. Thrift


"When some's husband wastes the last of their money on dinner, he is romantic. BUT, if your husband does it, he is an idiot."


It is a myth that most women want their partner to sell everything to spoil them with presents and flowers. When looking for a life partner, women find a man who can save and be financially secure more attractive. A man appears more desirable if they are thrifty giving the impression of self-control. 



9. Wearing red


This has been proved time and time again! Science says that men who wear red are more attractive to women. (It also works the other way around if you want to improve your chances!) 



10. Body odor after eating garlic


This is perhaps the most surprising scientific fact! In fact, we can hardly believe it but, this experiment proved that men who eat garlic are more attractive. A group of men were divided into two groups. The one group ate bread, cheese and 12 g of garlic while the other group just ate bread and cheese. Then men were then given cotton pads to under their arms for the entire day. When women sniffed the two sets of pads it was concluded that the 'garlic' pads smelt better! Amazing!


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Based on the materials from APost




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