Cancerians, A New Era Of Romance Has Finally Arrived For You This 2018

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Relationships are the key theme of 2018 for you, Crab—and that could be music to your nurturing heart. A new era of romance and self-expression has arrived, and you’ll ditch whatever “shyness” you might actually have (a reputation that plenty of Crabs defy). In fact, you could be quite the entertainer during this festive and flamboyant year, which grants you cosmic permission to make fun your top priority. As adults, we forget to play, but that raw and in-the-moment creativity is where true happiness comes from. So “be here now,” as the saying goes—especially on July 12, when a solar eclipse lands in your sign and beams the spotlight on YOU. Not all partnerships will be easy-breezy, though. Some will take hard work and might even need structural repair. You could part ways or take some time apart to explore where your paths still converge. Or, you might move into a serious commitment for business or love.





Cupid calling! Get ready for a major year of growth in the game of love. Expansive Jupiter spends most of the year in your passionate fifth house, bringing lusty new attractions and blessing you with the It factor. But it won’t stay casual for long with serious Saturn in your committed relationship house until 2020. Longtime couples could be tested, possibly by an outside attraction or a need to prioritize romance again.





Unpredictable Uranus finally wraps its seven-year tour of your career house in May (making one last pit stop in before moving on for good). Your professional path will finally start to see traction and you can start settling into a more stable groove. But you might enjoy going indie, as Uranus enters your technology zone, setting the stage for a virtual, work-from-anywhere business. Four eclipses in your money houses will bring new opportunities to earn, invest and merge for mutual gain. July’s eclipse in Cancer could spark a solo venture, while Saturn in your partnership zone could bring a heavy-hitting collaborator your way.





Free at last! Weighty Saturn just spent the last three years in your sixth house of wellness, making it hard to find the time and energy for fitness. A health issue may have forced you to restructure your lifestyle or change your eating and exercise habits. With Saturn gone, balance and vitality are restored. The July 12 Cancer solar eclipse could bring a big energy surge and even a bold new look.





Last year was heavily focused on family, as Jupiter toured your domestic sector. You could begin 2018 adapting to changes: maybe a new home, a relocation or an addition to the family. In February and August, eclipses in your real estate sector could bring a property sale. Midyear, your social life could get an extreme makeover, as innovative Uranus enters your eleventh house of group activity. You’ll be drawn to cutting-edge communities and pioneering people, both in-person and online. You could even get involved in local politics or collaborate for a cause.



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