PERSONALITY TEST: Pick A Door And Something About You Will Be Revealed

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Suppose that you’re standing in front of these doors. Which color will you choose and through which door you’ll go? After you had picked your choice, scroll down for its meaning.






You always address problems sensibly and are unbelievably studious whenever you bestow yourself to something. In personal relationships, you’re focused on forming a balance. Working hard is one of your top priorities. You don’t rest on your laurels until the work has been finished. You have a sophisticated taste and are a true appeasing.




Picking this door means that you have mysterious charm and have unsurpassed artistic capabilities. You’re incredibly friendly, ready to lend a hand and your powers of observation support you in each life situation. Your tranquil personality and your astonishing attractiveness are your trademarks. You’re full of thoughts and are a very emphatic person.




You were born with an exclusive sense of style and you also have excellent eyesight. You make your decisions swiftly and always have a clear solution in mind. As somebody who always forms their own view, you have a solid and special personality. You’re incredibly sensible and goal-oriented.




Your choice reveals that you’re a big learner and have astonishing abilities. You have an investigative mind and a mild temper. Noteworthy discipline and unsurpassed self-control are your attributes.




Picking the green door means that you’re focused and you typically assume the role of the messenger. One of your assets is taking care of other people. You’re very intense and full of constructive energy. You constantly give 100%. You’re a good listener to others and always have the seamless advice up your sleeve, which is why you’re the first person your friends refer to.


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Based on materials from APost

Illustrated by Germielyn Balondo for Meow Gag




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