The First Thing You Do in the Morning Reveals About Your Personality

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How you start your day is one of the best ways to determine your personality. What we do when we first wake us is an excellent indicator of the person that we are! Your first thought and/or action typically determines the direction of your day and how you are as an individual. To learn more, read on and see what type of person you are.


1. You Check the Alarm First


If you immediately check your alarm clock when you wake up, you probably have a ton on your mind. You may already be in “work mode” as you wake up. You are driven and punctual in life and don't like to waste time. You value your time and want to make the best of it. 


2. You Hit Snooze


Snoozing your alarm is a good quality, believe it or not! If you like to hit snooze, you're still a hard worker, you just prefer to do it on your own time. You might start off slow but once you get going, you are on a roll. You also work best when you can work by yourself and at your own pace.


3. You Search for Your Partner


Do you look for your partner right away? If you do, you are a hopeless romantic and you may be a bit co-dependent on your partner. Your day just isn't right without your partner right in front of you, and you may get lost in your thoughts quite frequently during the day as well. 


4. You Stare at the Ceiling


If you lie in bed and stare at the ceiling, you are a dreamer. You probably try and go back to whatever dream you were having before you woke up, correct? You like to take your time getting up and facing the world. You are also creative and love to think deep thoughts. 


5. You Go Back to Sleep


You don't really care about the rest of the world if you go right back to sleep upon waking. You like your time and your sleep and you accept it like a boss! Only you can decide what you want to do. You are carefree and laid-back-that's just how you like it!


6. You Check Social Media


If you click Facebook or Snapchat immediately upon waking, you may be looking to others for validation. However, you are also genuinely interested in your family and friends' lives and like to see what is new with the world. It isn't the best habit in the morning but hey, old habits die hard!


7. You Check Your Email


If you check for emails as soon as you get up, you are probably a leader. You like to stay busy and account for every moment of your life. This also means that you are smart, punctual, and have a drive to succeed. 


8. You Look for Nothing in Particular


You may wake up leisurely and with really nothing on your mind. That means you are a creative person and wake up with a blank slate for the day! You can do anything and everything because you aren't worried about the little things. You may be ready for the day, but is the day ready for you?


9. You Wake Up Confused


You may wake up feeling really confused. Maybe you get bored quickly and aren't sure what the day holds in store for you. You are more than likely ready to face the day but you just don't know what will be happening in it yet. Once the sun is up for good you usually get yourself going!


10. You Jump Out of Bed and Go


You must be extremely active and happy to face whatever is in store for you! You normally wake up refreshed and completely ready to take on whatever the day is about to bring. You might head to the gym, take a run around the block or just tackle a project you have been working on. 


11. You Clean or Tidy Up


Do you immediately make your bed or start tidying things up? You're more than likely extremely organized and like things to be done a certain way. This means you may be a bit high-maintenance at times, but you also get things done!


12. You Start Swearing at the World


You may get up and immediately start swearing. You are really mad that you have to get up and go about your day for what seems the millionth time! But you are an honest and straightforward person who will let others know exactly what you are thinking. This is actually a rare quality to have!



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