Touch The End of Your Toes and You’ll Know if You Have Heart Problems

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This article will teach you about one simple technique that can be useful in determining the condition of your heart. Based on some recent studies, people who can bend enough to be capable of touching their toes have a healthy heart.


To do this technique you must sit on the floor with your legs stretched and your toes pointing up. Afterwards, try to touch your toes using your hands. If you touch them your body is flexible enough and that means that your heart is also flexible and healthy.




A study which was conducted in the US and involved 526 participants aged 20 to 80 confirmed that the participants with heart disease couldn’t reach their toes. This investigation found a link between the body and the artery elasticity, particularly in participants over 40.




You must try this method and if you can touch your toes while you’re sitting straight, your heart is in an impeccable condition. But in case you can’t do it, you’re advised to consult your doctor immediately.

Based on materials from Daily Useful Info

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