Here’s What Will Happen if You Replace All of Your Drinks With Water

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All of us are aware that other drinks can harm us. But what if we substitute all of those harmful drinks with water completely? Chris Bailey, a well-known blogger, and lecturer, carried out a month-long research wherein he discovered what will happen if we replace all of our dinks with water.



#1: You’ll lose weight faster

By consuming water for 9 days, you’ll lose the same amount of calories similar to jogging for 8km a day



#2: You speed up your metabolism and raise your energy levels

17lf. Oz. of water in the morning increases your metabolism by 24%.



#3: Your brain functions better

The human brain is 75-85% water, thus by drinking you fuel it which helps you concentrate.



#4: You eat less

Water suppresses your appetite and this helps you to lose weight.



#5: Your body excretes toxins faster

Water washes out harmful substances, thus preventing aging.



#6: Water lowers the risk of numerous illnesses

Hypertension, bladder conditions and even bowel cancer can be circumvented if you drink water regularly.



#7: Your heart functions better

Consumption of 5 glasses of water per day lowers the risk of heart attack by 41%.



#8: Your skin becomes softer and cleaner

Water cleans and moistens the skin



#9: You’ll save a lot of money

The price of water is much lower than that of other drinks. You better think about it.


Now, will start substituting harmful drinks with water? We hope yes! Share this with your family and friends for them to know the benefits of drinking water too!


Based on materials from Brightside

Illustrated by Germielyn Balondo for Meow Gag




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