Here’s What Your Birth Month Bird Reveals About You!

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Do you know that each month has a bird connected with it? Similar to birthstones, the birth month birds can divulge a lot of things about you! Now, pick your birth month bird and scroll down for its meaning.



January: Owl

Still, waters run deep in your story. You pick your words wisely when you’re speaking and you remain thoughtful in conversation. Even though you have a quiet nature, your expressiveness in creative and this conveys surprise to others. You converse on your own terms, but rest guaranteed that your thoughts are deep and significant.



February: Parrot

Yours is the bird of the free spirit. Never gloomy or anticipated, you’re well-known for your capability to look beyond the ordinary. Creative writing, art, and music are woven all over your personality. Your friends and loved ones are continuously stimulated by your exceptional character and glistening enthusiasm for life. You don't want the attention, but you certainly turn heads!



March: Robin

Robins are the birds of determination! You have the strange capability to endure even the hard-hitting storms. Your loved ones are in admiration of your strength and conviction, whether they acknowledge it or not. You may feel exhausted at times, but you infrequently show it. Instead, you concentrate on your efforts and keep your eye on the prize. You’re strong and stable.



April: Canary

Laughter and hilarity proliferate with Canary babies. Occasionally a clown and every now and then wielding a rapier wit, you love nothing more than to cheer people up or amuse everybody around you. If you see a humorous meme, your comments will make it two times as funny in a heartbeat! The Canaries are high-spirited!



May: Nightingale

Similar to a sweet song of your birth month bird, you brighten the day of every single person you meet. Your always-positive and happy mood is transmissible and usually envied by those around you. You have the kind of smile that can turn a sour mood into a happy one. Fortunately, you have never been seen without a beam on your face.



June: Dove

Dove is a royal bird and having it as your birth month bird means you’re a natural leader, whether you recognize it or not. You’re the ruler of organization and delegation. You will take charge and bring direction out of chaos, be it a great emergency or merely get everyone to school on time. No to-do list is too much for you. You will summon the troops to action!



July: Eagle

As an Eagle birth month bird, you’re extremely confident. Your listening skills are second to none. Those people who are total strangers will often find themselves expressing their life story to you. Highly dependable, you will keep your delicate information a complete secret. You’re also able to give patient and genuine advice to boost spirits or push others in the right direction.



August: Kingfisher

Kingfisher birth month bird babies are best known for being approachable. You not only enjoy meeting a new set of people but in some way you make new people enjoy meeting you. You’re known to be tremendously generous, offering support to anyone in need. With your kindness extending beyond only close friends, you’re happy to help everybody you meet.



September: Hawk

You’re the hero of your own story! Despite facing many hindrances, you constantly rise to the occasion. Your deeds don’t go unobserved. Your heroism and humility make you much well-regarded both at home and at work. People depend on you and their trust is not misplaced.



October: Swan

This birth month bird is the rebuilder and you always have the answer. You love to help other people and can get a solution to any problem. You love being right, and you typically are. Everybody looks to you first when they are facing a hard situation, or just want a good piece of advice. You also have great recipes!



November: Rooster

Rooster is the ultimate buddy bird. You’re the best friend anybody could have. Not just a side-kick, but a full companion. Through thick or thin, you’ll be at your friends' sides and have their back as you face circumstances that may trip you up. You’ll not only guide others on the right path but will prevent it from getting boring.



December: Raven

Raven is an exciting bird of secrecy and mystery. You’re a seeker and explorer. Confident and probing, you’re always looking for the next clue in a sequence of exhilarating trips. You’re independent and seamlessly happy on your own. You may not be the soul and life of the party, but you’re sure to experience something new.


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