If You Have a Butt Chin, This Is What It Means!

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You have probably heard the term ‘butt chin,’ which describes a facial feature that some people have. It is a distinctive trait. A prominent butt chin is usually the first thing people notice on someone's face.


A large number of people have a ‘butt chin,’ which is more commonly called a cleft chin or a dimple chin. The dimple often looks like a Y-shaped fissure.




Some celebrities that have this distinctive facial feature are John Travolta, Sandra Bullock, Andy Samberg, Fergie, and John Stamos.


If you have a cleft chin, it can actually reveal some things about your personality that are really interesting. Have you even noticed that people with this physical trait have similar personality traits? If you know more than one person with this trait, see if you they share some of the personality traits listed on the next page to test this theory. This feature is also an inherited trait, which may surprise you, so you can thank your genetics for your butt chin.




People have mixed feelings about the chin dimple. Some women who have it dislike it because they feel it is too manly of a trait, although Sandra Bullock looks gorgeous with hers. You can get it altered through cosmetic surgery if it really bothers you, but it is this sort of features that make us all unique.


It probably doesn’t help that it has such a common name that isn’t the most flattering. What your cleft chin says about your personality is that these people with this facial feature tend to be the center of attention. Not because of their chins! But because of their personalities.




It is also believed that they are super fun to be around and have very humorous personalities. They are also very flirty people. Another trait about people with this trait is that they are possibly sexually driven and have heightened emotions and are completely comfortable crying when they are happy, sad, or passionate about something.





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