Personality Test: What Do You See Inside the Maze?

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There are a plethora of personality tests online, but this Japanese maze test reveals hidden aspects your personality that you may not have known. In order to take this quiz, you just need a few tools ready to go:


  • A piece of paper


  • A pen


  • An open imagination


The following personality test will send you on a notional journey and ask specific questions about what you visualize in specific areas of the scenario. For the best results, write down the first thing that pops into your head without overthinking your response.


After you’ve written down your answers, the last page will tell you what each of those responses mean about your personality. Let’s begin!


First, take a moment to imagine that you are walking throughout a mystical forest with someone of your choice. Write down the name of the person you are walking with.


500 px / Alena Dubinksaia


After veering deeper into the mysterious forest, you both end up stumbling across an animal. Write down what kind of animal it is.




Describe the type of interaction that takes place between you and the animal.



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As you continue your adventure, you find yourself deep in the forest when you notice a clearing. As you approach the clearing, you discover an abandoned maze. How big is the maze that you see?



Hero's Journey Foundation


You stop to take a moment and observe this mysterious maze before you. You study the walls that enclose the branching paths. What is the height of the walls of the maze?





You decide to enter the maze, however, the person you are walking with doesn’t want to continue with you. You choose to enter the maze alone.




After wandering through the maze, you find yourself in the center of it, a larger room leading to a series of other paths. In the middle of the room sits a cup.



Kevin Revie


What material is the cup made from? What do you do with the cup?



Finally, you find the exit of the maze. Which of these following statements best describes how your journey went?


A) “That was almost too easy. I made it through the maze in no time and had no trouble navigating through the paths.”




B) “It took a while to navigate my way through the maze, but looking back, it wasn’t really that big of a deal.”



Stansted Maze


C) “I was definitely lost. There were many times throughout the maze that I thought I might never be able to get out.”




D) “The person I was walking with decided to enter and found me inside. They ended up showing me the way out. If not, I might still be in there.”




Now for what your answers mean about your personality! First off, the person you chose to walk in the forest with is the most important person in your life.




Remember that animal you stumbled across? The size of the animal you imagined represents your perception of the size of the problems you face in your life.




The type of interaction that you had with this animal is an indication of how you deal with the problems in your life.




The maze is a metaphor for the winding and circuitous paths that we navigate through life. Considering most people feel lost during adolescence, your experience in the maze is an indication of the way you remember the years leading up to adulthood.




The height you imagined the walls of the maze is representative of the size of your ambition to resolve the challenges you come across in life. Lower hedge-like walls indicate an open personality while tall stone walls indicate a closed off personality.




Remember that random cup? Well, the durability of the material you visualized it having is representative of the perceived endurance in the relationship you have with the person you went into the forest with.





For example, plastic or paper cups indicate a disposable relationship while strong materials like metal mean that the person is reliable and dependable. A glass cup can be indicative of a fragile relationship.



Ali Express


What you did with the cup represents your attitude towards this person you ventured into the forest with. If you left it, you could be at a distance with this person, but if you picked it up, they are someone you want close to you.




At the end of the maze if you chose statement:


A) This means you had nothing but fun during adolescence. You weren’t plagued by the typical pressures and traumas that most youths have during these formative years. However, this could mean a more difficult test in life is yet to come.



Dr. Gregory Jantz


B) If you choose the second option, this means that adolescence wasn’t easy for you. Chances are, you spent more time than necessary worrying about common problems like love, friendship, and the future. However, those experiences have helped you form who you are and the lessons learned will help you in future problems.




C) If you felt lost, this represents serious insecurities in adolescence. Chances are, your youth was afflicted by getting too into your head and second guessing everything with self-doubt. However, this type of growth may have added sincerity and depth to your overall character.




D) If your walking partner came and found you, this means that the satisfaction you feel in life today is due to the friendships and relationships you made during youth. You may have had personal issues, but someone was always there to help you get through them.




Based on the materials from Providr





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