These Hairstyle Mistakes Will Make You Look Older

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Everyone knows at least one woman who is still sporting her 80s hairdo. While it may have looked great in that day, times change!

If you're keeping a dated hairstyle, coloring your hair incorrectly, or trying something too risky, these mistakes could be making you look much older. Read on for tips on how to avoid dating yourself.



Coloring Your Grays Incorrectly

Grays happen to everyone, and they can strike at any age. If you're not ready to embrace your changing color, make sure you're using a product that is designed to cover grays.

Gray hairs require special attention because they are usually more coarse than your regular hair, which means color deposits differently. Stylists even recommend using two different colors, your natural color and one shade darker, to ensure that your grays are getting enough coverage.



Your Hair Color Doesn't Match Your Skin Tone

Your favorite celebrity is rocking a vibrant red and now you want to try it, too, but beware! If that color doesn't compliment your natural skin tone, it may make you look washed out.

To determine your skin tone, look at your veins. If they appear blue, then you have a cool skin tone, and if they appear green, you have a warm skin tone. Cool skin tones should experiment with colors like ash blonde, brunette, or black with blue or purple notes. Warm skin tones should experiment with colors like red, brunette, black, or strawberry blonde.



Not Understanding Your Hair

Don't even look at dyes before learning a few facts about your hair first. Figure out your hair level and tone before you attempt to color your hair at home.

Try talking to a professional about the scaling of hair and asking for their professional advice on how high of a jump you could make from your natural hair level. 



Parting Incorrectly

Middle parts rarely look good on anyone. Try parting your hair off to the side or even a bit off-center. The way your hair will fall with this new style is more likely to compliment your face shape.



Not Trying Bangs

If you're self-conscious about forehead wrinkles, bangs can be your savior! Bangs have earned a bad rep thanks to the bowl cuts our moms gave us, but there are so many bang styles that are flattering for every person. Find a celebrity who has a similarly shaped face and see what kind of bangs they have rocked and think about trying it yourself.



Keeping a Dated Hairdo

If you have a hairstyle that is from decades ago, then you're definitely dating yourself. You don't have to change your appearance drastically to achieve a younger look. If you cut a few inches off, part differently, get a new color, or curl it differently, you can take years off your face.



Trying to Look Super Young

You can take things too far. If you're over 30 and still rocking crazy hair colors and styles, you may get some strange looks. While this doesn't mean you still can't experiment, definitely aim for a look that is age appropriate.



Not Being Confident

You can be beautiful at any age! Part of beauty is a smile full of self-assurance. Confidence makes all of us look vibrant and younger, so style your hair in a way that makes you feel the best.


Having you been making one of these mistakes? Time to embrace a fresh new look and make yourself look years younger! Share the secret of youthful hair with your friends and loved ones now! 



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