11 FUNNY Illustrations Depicting Different TYPES of GIRLS You’ll See at the GYM

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Summer is fast approaching and the gyms will surely be full of newbies craving for a good workout and who are determined to obtain a sexy body. But despite the fact that all of the fitness centers are a bit different, there are certain kinds of people you’ll meet at every gym.


So without further ado, here are the funniest types of people you’ve probably seen at the gym.



1. The nervous newbie who doesn’t know how to utilize the machines and is too panicky to ask a fitness instructor for some assistance.



2. A lively retired person who’s still exercising even when you’re too tired to keep going.




3. A talkative stranger who needs someone to talk to more than a toned butt.



4. A determined fitness bunny who has to look for a good photo opportunity and leaving no time for physical training.



5. A local fashion queen who continuously appears flawless and never perspires because otherwise, she’d ruin her remarkable makeup.



6. The intimate couple, who are always together: in joy, in sorrow and of course at the gym.



7. The horizontal weightlifters. Maybe all of us don’t know exactly why they’re at the gym at all, but they typically work out near the strong Wi-Fi signal.



8. A flirtatious fit girl. I believe everybody knows her and some people go to the fitness center just to see her exercising.



9. A true sports aficionado who has been there ever since the gym opened and hasn’t wasted any single workout since then. She isn’t a huge follower of newbies, I’m pretty sure about that.



10. An imaginative fitness fan who have faith in that basic, simple exercises aren’t for her, but rather for the people without any imaginings.



11. Miss “maybe some other time”. She buys a yearly membership but goes to the fitness center only three times at best.


So, do these pictures remind you of yourself or perhaps your friends? Do you know any other kinds of gym members we haven’t mentioned? Please share them with us in the comment sections below!


Based on materials from Brightside

Illustrated by Leo Alvarado for Meow Gag




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