7 Easy Exercises You Can Do While Sitting To Achieve Flat Belly

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A lot of people dream of a lavish life that’s consist of sitting in a comfy chair while everyone else around them tends to their needs and desires. Nonetheless, most don't ever see this dream come true, but we wind up sitting the whole day anyway at our desks.


People who work outside or labor-intensive jobs do have a giant health advantage. Meanwhile, people who work in the office are possible to become overweight, develop diabetes or cancer, and suffer from a reduced quality of life.


Even though, it can be a chore, our bodies necessitate exercise to stay healthy and keep our minds sharp. While it may be impractical for some people to hit the gym every day, there are numerous exercises you can do from your own office to improve your fitness. The best part is that you don't need any equipment except for your chair.



1. Knee-To-Chest Lift


Enhance your digestion, burn fat, and fortify your abs with this exercise. Sit with a straight spine and your feet on the floor. Afterward, simply lift your right knee up and hug it to your chest. Gradually release to the floor and substitute knees. Do this at least 30 times to obtain the best results.



2. Double Knee Lift


This workout is great because it involves every abdominal muscle for great coverage in a mild movement. With a straight spine and legs that are close together, start lifting your legs to your chest. Keep your abs nice and tight to actually tone those muscles! Gradually lower your legs back to the initial position but don't touch the floor this time. Repeat this exercise up to 20 times to achieve a toned tummy and have a rapid break from your work.


Watch this video for a demonstration on 5 more workouts you can do from your chair to eliminate those belly fats.

These exercises will let you become flexible with your workout routine since they can be performed from anywhere at any time you wanted to. In case you don't work in a private cubicle, your colleagues may give you some eccentric looks, but after they see your body and mind change, there are chances that they'll ask you to teach them all the moves so that they can join you!



Do you have an approachable colleague who also wants to lose weight and tone up? You can also ask them to do these chair workouts with you so the two of you can laugh and be fit together.


Share this exercises with your friends and family who wanted to shed those belly fats too!


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Video Credits: Koboko Fitness




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