The First Word You Get Will Divulge Your Subconscious Personality

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Are you interested in knowing your subconscious mind? If yes, we have a very simple test for you. Just look at the image and spell the word that comes to your mind first. Afterwards, read on to learn about your results:





If you saw LOVER:


Your subconscious personality is LIVELY!

If the word you get first is LOVER, then it means you have a very lively personality. You’re always full of life. People are fascinated by the way you talk and act. You always have something exciting to tell them. Life is a joyride for you and there’s basically no exasperating moment when you’re around.



If you saw LOWER:


Your subconscious personality is DOMINATING!

If LOWER is the first word you get, it means you’re a very dominating person. Your peers hinge on you. You’re the type of person who’s willing to take risks. You’re tremendously hard-working and you give your best, be it on your work or your relationship.



If you saw LOSER:


Your subconscious personality is HONEST!

Seeing the word LOSER shows that you’re an honest human being. You always choose truth above everything else, even if it hurts other people. You might seem offensive at times but that’s because you’re not afraid of hiding your feelings. You are moralistic and your peers love you because they know they can depend on you. You are what you are.



If you saw LONER:


Your subconscious personality is a DEEP THINKER and CREATIVE:

If you saw the word LONER first, it means you’re a deep thinker and a very creative person. You devote a lot of time reflecting on the ways of the world. You are unworldly and you always try to spread good vibes around you by your creation. You can be a writer, painter, musician or any artistic person. You produce a magical atmosphere around you by your creativeness.


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Based on materials from: The Minds Journal




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