Find Out Why This 81-Year-Old Nursing Home Resident Needs 12 Packs of Condoms

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Recently, two women in their 80s were enjoying a comfortable afternoon on the patio of their nursing home. They shared stories of their lives with one another, catching up like best friends long lost.



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As the afternoon progresses, the skies darken. Mary and Susan were still content to continue their reminiscing even as the weather changed. They really enjoyed one another's company.





Suddenly, the skies kept their promise and it started to rain. It did not take long for it to become a real downpour. Despite the rain, Mary reached for her purse, intently looking for something important. A moment later, she pulled a condom out and carefully opened it. Mary snipped the end of the condom off, slipped it over her cigarette and carried on her conversation with Susan as if nothing unusual had happened.





Susan was aghast and had to ask her friend Mary, "What's that?" To which Mary snapped, "It's a condom. Can't have my cigarette getting wet." "That's remarkable!" Susan replied. "How did you get a condom in this place," she asked, waving her arm around to point out that they were in a nursing home. "You can buy them at the drugstore now," Mary nonchalantly answered.



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Susan could not wait to try Mary's trick, so when the rain stopped, she took a walk to the nearby drugstore. After searching a few aisles, and coming up short, she had to ask for help. The male pharmacist was shocked when his 81-year old customer asked for a 12-pack of condoms. It is not every day that someone old enough to be his grandmother asks for rubbers.


While trying to keep a straight face, he asked, "What brand would you like?"


With a shrug, Susan answered, "I don't care, it just needs to fit a Camel."


At this, the young pharmacist passed out.





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