Get Ready for a Change and Know How to Find Your Newest Passion as an Adult

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When you were a child, you probably had a pretty amazing imagination. You may have put on plays for your family, complete with homemade costumes and cue cards. Maybe you built a fort out of every available blanket, chair, cushion and, surface in the living room and played for hours inside of it. You were always on the move and always looking for a new idea to pursue! It was incredibly easy back then to get the creative juices flowing every day. 




Unfortunately, as you became a responsible adult, something shifted. You may be living a good life, with a good job and family, but it still feels as if everyone else is off and living voraciously while you stand on the sidelines and watch. Nothing excites you anymore and you feel bored more often than not. So what do you do?

Read on to find out how to get back to your child-like self by pursuing the passions that define who you are. 




First, ask yourself these questions and consider your honest replies: 

What were your passions as a child? Did you love to dance, write, run, ride bikes, host friends for pretend dinner, or draw? 

What makes you the happiest? Is it being alone, meeting new friends, reading a great book, or eating good food? 

If money wasn’t a problem, what would you do? Would you help people, build a business, travel, or create art? 




Answering these questions is the first step to finding what you are passionate about. You want to get to the root of your soul and find the things that mattered to you the most when you were young. These answers will also help you find a common theme. Maybe you see that traveling and meeting new people is present in all of the answers, something that can be turned into your adulthood passion! Once you identify your theme, you can start taking little steps to incorporate them into your life. For example, you can start planning a vacation you have been putting off for years or schedule adult education classes that will give you the opportunity to make new friends. 

This is the time to let your passions evolve into something bigger than you thought they could be. You don’t have to stick to the things you used to like, either. It’s ok to dislike something that you used to enjoy because you can probably replace it with two more activities that you now love! Once you find these things, they can easily evolve into your newest hobby or even the career you didn’t know you could have. Listen very closely to what those little voices you hear in your head are telling you. They are there to point you the right direction. 



Your Story 



Your story is just beginning. Don’t browse social media every day and wish that you were doing what you see others doing – TRY it yourself! It won’t happen overnight and it isn’t always easy. Be patient but put yourself out there at the same time.

Be vulnerable and don’t let others hold you back. If you have always wanted to try painting but are scared to, who are you hurting but yourself? You could find that you have more talent than you think and could even make extra money selling your art. If not, you’ll still have fun trying!




The more you try, the more you will open yourself out to the thousands of opportunities the world has to offer. It’s an amazing feeling when you start living and start enjoying your passions! 

What are you going to do to begin living life today? Let us know in the comments! We look forward to new thoughts and ideas! 



Based on the materials from APost

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