The Dog Breed That Best Matches Yourself Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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When looking for a new dog, you want a best friend, someone who will be there for you no matter what and will never leave your side. To find the best match, personalities that complement one another are essential and your zodiac sign can play an important role in determining which dog breed is a good fit for you. Here are some examples of dog breeds based on your zodiac that may be the perfect fit for you.



#1 Aries: German Shepherd



The Aries sign is a fire symbol and people born under this sign tend to be outgoing, adventurous explorers. Aries signs can be loners and impatient, but they are hard workers and are extremely loyal, like the German Shepherd. Together, an Aries sign and German Shepherd could become great partners for life.



#2 Taurus: Corgi



Those born under the Taurus sign are known to be loyal and extremely intelligent; in fact, their intelligence usually set them apart from their friends. Taurus can be so motivated to the point of being stubborn to achieve their dreams, though they are often patient to reach their ambitions. This makes the Corgi the perfect partner.



#3 Gemini: Jack Russell Terrier



The Gemini, also known as the "jack of all trades," is the perfect match for a Jack Russell Terrier. Gemini is brave and is always seeking new experiences, while also learning new things and sharing their knowledge with others. The Jack Russell Terrier is also a seeker of new experiences and is smart and quick thinking, making them great partners.



#4: Cancer: Pug



Cancer signs, a sign of the sun, are highly sensitive and are very family oriented. They cherish the people around them and enjoy being social and care-free around those they care about. Pugs, the perfect match for Cancer, are also very social and like to be close to their owners at all times.



#5: Leo: Labrador Retriever



Leo signs are very loving and are ruled by their heart. Their undying commitment and loyalty to their partners make them faithful and devoted friends, lovers, and family. The Labrador Retriever, also known for their loyalty and commitment, will be a loyal partner for Leo and will compliment them well.



#6: Virgo: Border Collie



Known to be perfectionists, Virgos are quick, intelligent, and witty. They know what they want and will work hard to get it. Like the Virgo, Border Collies are hardworking and are well known for their herding abilities. They are often too smart for their own good, which can get them into trouble, like the Virgo, making them perfect partners in crime.



#7: Libra: Pit Bull



Libras are people who value balance and order and work toward the greater good. They often have shy personalities and take to themselves, but open up to their friends and family. Like Libra, Pit Bulls can be tough and hard-working, but are loyal to their owners, even though shy around others, perfect for Libra.



#8: Scorpio: Schipperke



Never lacking in character, the Scorpio is bold, blunt, and knows what they want. Their personality can be intense, but their strong nature makes them incredible leaders, fighters, and lovers. The perfect dog for a Scorpio, the Schipperke, can be small but are always confident and independent like the Scorpio.



#9: Sagittarius: Beagle



Sagittarius are solvers and are well suited for puzzles and pursuits. They are well known for their quick wit, their sense of adventure, and their independence. The Beagle, like the Sagittarius, is very mentally active and enjoys puzzles as well, making them the perfect companion for the Sagittarius.



#10: Capricorn: Golden Retriever



Capricorns go with the flow and enjoy taking their time through life. They often "stop to smell the roses" and learn about life through their observations and quiet experiences. Their perfect match is the Golden Retriever.



#11: Aquarius: Brussels Griffon



Aquarius is emotionally understanding and makes great parents, therapists, and friends. They understand the human mind and other people well, like the Brussels Griffon, making this dog the perfect partner for Aquarius.



#12: Pisces: Chihuahua


Pisces are known for the moodiness and their ability to change personalities on a dime. They can be upset, yet composed at the same time, and can often experience many different emotions at one time. This makes the Chihuahua a perfect companion to the Pisces.


Let us know if we have inspired you to get a dog or guessed the breed of your doggo partner right. Find out what your friends think about their match by showing them this fun article 🙂



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