Is Your Relationship Going To Last Forever? Find Out Here

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Who doesn’t want their relationship to last forever? It takes hard work, though, for both of you to stay together. It’s not that easy. Research says 40-50% of marriages end up in divorce, while 80% of them still believe in “’til death do us part.” But how could you tell if a couple is for keeps? Here are 8 signs:



  • You Have Fun Together

Fun comes when couples are already comfortable with each other. So take it as a good sign if you enjoy each other’s company even without doing anything intentionally romantic.



  • You Support Each Other

A support system is extremely important for a person, especially coming from a partner. One of the purposes of being with someone is to have a shoulder to lean on when time calls for it.



  • Your partner’s friends are your friends

According to studies, partners who are friends with their partner’s friends are a sign of a happy couple. So make sure you could hang out with both parties to find out if you’re with the right person.



  • You Kiss A Lot

Kissing is the most obvious sign of intimacy for couples. Studies show that the more the couples kiss, the happier and more satisfied they are in a relationship.



  • Making Each Other Laugh

You know you’re with the right person if he/she could be able to tickle your bones. Humor is an important aspect for a partner. It’s just about finding someone who shares the same level as yours.



  • You Respect Each Other


Equal respect for one another is a crucial need for a relationship. Whether it’s their choices, ideas, work, thoughts and opinions, it’s ultimately important for a partner to be able to listen and value it without having to impose his/her own.



  • You Tell Them You’re Grateful

Being openly grateful and vulnerable towards a partner is the best indication that a relationship is healthy. Tell your partner you are thankful for having him/her and your relationship will surely last.



  • You Spoon When You Sleep

According to studies, couples who sleep closely – specifically less than an inch apart – are more likely to be happy than those who sleep away from each other. You can’t help but snuggle with your partner when you’re in love.


Based On Materials From Blob Feed

Illustration By Mimi Flores of Meow Gag

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