Those 12 Times When Expectations Definitely Did Not Meet Reality

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As people say, expectations often lead to disappointment. See, life is full of surprises. Some of them may get into your nerves, though others can get to tickle your bones. It’s just a matter of attitude. And if you want to know how you would react, scroll down and take a look at this dozen of photos below.


  • “I Didn’t Go To London For This.”

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2. “Scotland? More like Smogland.”


© ale152 / reddit  



3. “Guess, I wasn’t deceived.”


© chelseasaints / reddit  



4. There’s still hope.


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5. They could be hiding.


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6. Half Oreo, half air.


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7. No magic happening here.


© coffeeposer / reddit  



8. Looks like an alien to me.


© Lory007 / reddit  



9. “You’re definitely not Barney.”


© Raqped / reddit  



10. There must be some miscommunication here.


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11. Expectation vs. Reality: Online Shopping


© ChemistryAndPhysicsAreFun / imgur  



12. “Are you fu****g kidding me?!”


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