You Have No Idea How Lemons Can Save Your Life

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Positive and negative energies, although we don’t see them in the naked eye, have powerful influence over our lives. There is as much going on in the spiritual realm as it is in the physical and these happenings could affect our health, moods and well-being. So how do we get to have control over the things we can’t even see? Lemons!



When life gives you lemons, use them to keep the bad vibes away. Just how Buddhist monks and Feng Shui believers have been using it, the website Demic Networks listed some of the ways to fight negative energy with it:


Lemon + Salt
Take one fresh lemon and cut it into 4 slices. Place grained salt in each slice and put them back together, making sure the salt stays inside the lemon. Put it in the entrance of your home and leave it there. This will help you stop negative vibes and energy from entering your house and spread in your home. Whenever a person with negative energy approaches your doorstep, the lemon will absorb it and eliminate it completely. Once you start using this trick you’ll notice significant improvements. You must repeat this ritual for 3 days in a row for best effect. You’ll feel much more positive, fulfilled and blissful.



Travel with lemons
Aside from preventing the bad vibes from entering your home, lemons can help you protect yourself from this negative energy outside as well. Just place a lemon in your jacket pocket and take it with you wherever you go. Once it dries off to throw it and take a fresh one. You’ll notice the lemon will start drying quickly, that’s because we encounter a lot of negative energy everywhere we go and the lemon absorbs it and dries off from within, much faster than usual.



Lemon juice
You can also use lemon juice to protect yourself from negative energy. Combine some lemon juice with some water and clean your accessories, amulets, and jewelry with this mixture. The lemon juice will cleanse your belongings from the bad vibes, negative charges and help you achieve well-being.



Lemon leaves
Many natural healers believe that a consumption of lemon leaves infusion every night before going to bed, for 7 days in a row can help you increase your energy and stamina in bed. Everyone who’s tried it says that the results are amazing.



Energy Boost
Lemons can help you attract love, give you energy, help you achieve prosperity, peace, and abundance. Many people believe this citrus fruit to be a fruit of good which comes from the element of water.


Based On Materials From Demic Networks

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