17 FUNNY Desktop Wallpapers That Are REALLY GENIUS!

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It’s amazing how the ingenuity of some people appears to have unquestionably no limits! Even a minor detail like desktop wallpaper can be turned into a work of art.


In case you’re tired of ordinary flower and nature pictures on your desktop, here are 17 photos of the most creative and funny wallpapers that will encourage you to try something new.



Organizational Skills – Level 99


©WalterWhitey / imgur  





©don_Juan_oven / reddit  



Give this genius a cookie!


© pdmcmahon / reddit



Durden knows what’s significant!


© unknown / imgur  



This Desktop Wallpaper is cosmic


© Spork_You / reddit  



Slam Dunk!


© strawberryrocketship / imgur



When Explorer is terrifying!


© Wertson / reddit  



I bet there’s a mouse in hiding in this folder


© unknown / imgur



Here’s the best wallpaper when you have two screens


© turtledave / imgur  



Another awesome idea for dual monitors


© ckomni / reddit



This one is for four monitors


© unknown / imgur



This guy is a real GENIUS!


© unknown / imgur  



Enjoying the view outside the window


© supreme_meow / reddit



Which one will you choose?


© Warner Bros.



An awesome idea for football fans





Wait until these icons are dry





Poor Explorer



Which among these wallpapers is your favorite? Share it with us in the comment section below.

Based on materials from Brightside

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